hard water

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water that contains mineral salts (as calcium and magnesium ions) that limit the formation of lather with soap

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returns to Designing Spaces for this second part of their miniseries to continue the discussion on hard water and its effects on a household.
Independent TD Mattie McGrath criticised the Commission for Energy Regulation and Irish Water for refusing to refund homes affected by hard water.
Dennis Griesing, vice president of government affairs for the American Cleaning Institute, told the Associated Press that low-phosphate products made then didn't work as well in hard water, but he said new formulations are now available that do a better job.
Apartment owners who deal with hard water know how quickly sediment can ruin a water heater.
Trim C276 synthetic coolant and SC536 low-oil semi-synthetic coolant have been reformulated to prevent hard water soap residue forming on parts, chips, and machine surfaces.
Water heaters then needed to be replaced every three years and other appliances were being ruined by the hard water, he said.
It is due to hard water in the Midlands, as not all comes from Wales.
Fillmore is in a peculiar situation because of the hard water that comes from wells in the area and the ecological sensitivity of the Santa Clara River.
He said he believed there was a big opportunity for the kit, and in particular the shave enhancer, as 70% of the UK has hard water.
The copper content of most of the world's natural water supplies does not exceed more than a few milligrams per liter, although concentrations can be higher in well water and in hard water delivered through newly installed copper pipes.
A spokeswoman for Northumbrian Water said just five per cent of the supply to people in the North East was hard water.
People who drink hard water may have a greater protection against heart disease.
Super Shine-All delivers wetting action, penetrates and emulsifies dirt, suspends and holds soil, works in hard water, and has a neutral pH that will not harm floor finishes.
A tube like a long, hard water hose was squeezed into my throat until I wanted to vomit.
Prior to mixing, acidic and hard water should be treated with soda ash to a pH of 8.