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Synonyms for tissue

Synonyms for tissue

an interwoven or interrelated number of things


Synonyms for tissue

part of an organism consisting of an aggregate of cells having a similar structure and function

create a piece of cloth by interlacing strands of fabric, such as wool or cotton

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The red color usually corresponds to soft tissue, blue to hard tissue and green corresponds to intermediate tissue stiffness8.
In summary, Biodentine[TM] is both a dentin substitute base and a cement for maintaining pulp vitality and stimulating hard tissue formation, i.
During a Bowen treatment, no hard tissue manipulation or force is needed or used.
The fractures in the cervical one third are considered to have a poor prognosis due to a short mobile coronal fragment with less probability of healing with hard tissue and possible bacterial contamination of the root canal from the gingival crevice.
These eight extended essays address these issues, including ceramic polymer composites for hard tissue applications, hydroxyapatite (HA-p) to metal biocomposite coatings, hydrogels based on polyvinylalcohol for cartilage replacement, polymer composites for cemented total hip replacements, bioresorbable composites for bone repair, bioactive glasses and glass-ceramics, metal oxide-based one-dimensional titanium nanostructures via electro-spinning, and hydrogels for biomedical applications.
By comparison, the Nd:YAG laser penetrates 2 to 5 mm into tissue, it has caused concern about the risk of collateral damage in oral sites where bone and other hard tissue are within the range of energy.
Each clinic it opens will have access to Waterlase - a hard tissue laser technology which allows dentists to perform traditional dental procedures with less anaesthesia and reduced patient anxiety.
Bleaching may result in an adverse effect on hard tissue, soft tissue, and dental restorative materials.
The BoneScalpel is a tissue specific osteotomy device capable of making precise cuts through bone and hard tissue while largely preserving delicate soft tissue structures.
The periodontal examination included a full-mouth X-ray, complete periodontal probing, hard tissue examination, oral cancer screening, and evaluation of the occlusion.
A layer of hard tissue called cartilage covers the ends of the bones, and acts like a cushion when you put pressure on the joint.
Isolagen specializes in the development and commercialization of autologous cellular therapies for soft and hard tissue regeneration.
We think that when vibrated, soft tissue will move faster than hard tissue allowing us to detect hard areas and possible tumours.
Pollaks poster presentation featuring more detailed results from our Phase III clinical trial evaluating IV meloxicam in patients following bunionectomy surgery, a representative hard tissue pain model, said Stewart McCallum, M.