hard times

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a time of difficulty

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But poor people don't buy sewing machines in hard times, so I was forced to forgo that employment.
You don't have half such a hard time as I do," said Jo.
and now you are going to have a hard time on the river for a change; change is good for everyone.
Micro-pub Hard Times & Misery on Maryland Street is a strong contender for the title of Liverpool's smallest pub.
In many ways for Paramore, when you think of everything they have been through and have managed to survive, it is resoundingly true that hard times are not going to break them.
When his family fall on hard times he tells the story of the Parno Gry, a mythical white horse that will carry them to a land of plenty.
Finding God in the Hard Times is the unabridged audiobook Matt and Beth Redman's guide to keeping one's heart and soul pious no matter how difficult one's road happens to be.
You won't be on hard times if you're at the Hult Center on Saturday because you'll be surrounded by distillers.
Against the grain; Jewish intellectuals in hard times.
BILLINGHAM Players have been stepping out with their production of Charles Dickens' classic Hard Times all this week.
From avoiding the pitfalls of rapid growth to taking a second or even a third look at members who may have fallen on hard times, credit unions continue to put in place strategic plans to grow their operations.
Summary: MOSCOW - Russian manufacturing grew at a faster pace in July thanks to rising new orders and production, although a fall in inventories suggests producers are preparing for hard times, the HSBC purchasing managers' index (PMI) showed on Wednesday.
Pity the Billionaire: The Hard-Times Swindle and the Unlikely Comeback of the Right offers a powerful survey telling of how the American right, which appeared to be in decline after the 2008 elections, actually roared back in the advent of hard times.
Their latest album Getting Over Being Under recounts the various setbacks and hard times suffered by Cornwall-based The Loose Salute.
Hard Times is a series of portraits of Big Issue sellers from across the country taken by photographer Paul Wenham-Clarke .