hard times

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a time of difficulty

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Under the capitalist regime these periods of hard times were as inevitable as they were absurd.
These associations were practically middle- class affairs, and now, compelled by hard times and crashing markets, and aided by the great captains of industry, they gave organized labor an awful and decisive defeat.
Yet its defeat did not put an end to the hard times.
You don't have half such a hard time as I do," said Jo.
Angus Fletcher se teoretiese analise, "Allegory: the theory of a symbolic mode" (1964), dien as 'n nuttige vertrekpunt vir die anafise van die allegoriese waarde van ruimte en die dorp Hard Times as 'n mikrokosmiese of simboliese gemeenskap, sowel as die "demoniese agente" in crie dorp en die rol van kousaliteit.
Dr Will Kaufman will present Hard Times and Hard Travellin' on Thursday, March 8, at 5.
It is about hard times, tough questions, wavering of faith, and finally reaffirmation.
Feldstein, once considered by many as more likely than Bernanke to be Greenspan's successor at the Fed, was posing the old Phillips Curve formulation that only hard times could slow inflation.
THE owners of Get On Blackie were sorry to hear that Muttley appears to have hit upon hard times and were wondering whether we should be starting up a collection for him to help him pay his kennel bills.
A compilation of lively advice and heart-felt wisdom on living for the Lord applicable to singles, couples, parents, extended families, members of churches, professionals and laborers, homemakers and students, At Home In The World draws upon ancient and contemporary sources of revealed knowledge and experience-based wisdom on such issues as poverty, chastity, obedience, authority, money, pleasure, power, friends, enemies, hard times, and more.
Here he tells of his last pair of shoes, and of six children struggling for survival during hard times with a father away at war.
Hard times bring humility but then God can really show his power and loving provision in our needy souls
Instead of simply retaining the largest producers, insurers should consider retaining those sales points that generate the best margins, as well as those that hold the best potential to produce attractive future margins in hard times.
En suite pet dining is one of those affordable luxuries that invariably gets jettisoned during hard times, but, by the looks of it, the hard times are long past.
THERE was good news on Thursday last for Irish emigrants who have fallen on hard times in the UK.