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a federal warning system that is activated by FEMA

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Checkpoint now offers a complete line of fully integrated RFID tags offering the branding information, tactile benefits and loss prevention benefits of existing hard tags and apparel labels, with the addition of RFID for inventory management and loss prevention.
It is an easy thing to label someone but it is a hard tag to be rid of, so I hope at least to balance things out and let people read this then make up their own mind.
Although our Hard Tag @ Source[TM] business nearly doubled from the fourth quarter, and while this performance was consistent with our expectations, it was well off the levels of one year ago when a highly successful program with a major European retailer started to peak.
The fight between Park and Belcher - precipitated by what Park called an excessively hard tag by Belcher - included an elbow by Park, a curse word from Belcher, a forearm to the chin by Park and then an attempt by Park to deliver a martial-arts kick.
The Tyco Retail Solutions inventory intelligence suite includes: inventory visibility software and hardware platform to deliver item-level visibility and control over inventory from source to distribution center and throughout the store, and optimize efficiencies by focusing associates on the highest value tasks with actionable intelligence; and dual technology tags which leverage retailer EAS investments with complementary EAS and RFID technologies in a common, small footprint hard tag.
They are traditionally found in apparel stores, protecting soft clothing with a highly visible hard tag.
BSI has also created a number of new RFID EAS hard tag formats for use with apparel and other merchandise.
STS used an RFID/EAS combo hard tag to tag each of the twenty-four thousand articles of clothing LCWaikiki sells for men, women and children.
In addition to the prototype dual frequency system, Checkpoint is contributing a number of technology solutions to METRO Group's Future Store Initiative including a point-of-sale solution with a reminder function if you forget to detach the hard tag, and dual frequency hard tags and smart detacher that checks information on the hard tag and opens it only after the transaction is completed.
Two types of SensorSmart RFID tags can be affixed to merchandise, an RFID-only label and a combination RFID and anti-theft hard tag that incorporates Sensormatic's UltraMax(R) anti-theft technology, the most popular anti-theft technology in the world, to bring a higher level of security to products throughout the supply chain.
Crew will initially test the store level inventory applications through the use of SuperTag(R) ID products, a combination of Sensormatic's traditional UltraMax hard tag with the RFID technology embedded into it and hand-held readers.
Additionally, traditional hard tags are clunky, expensive and can often cause damage to the products.
Inditex is utilizing Tyco s Sensormatic dual technology RFID/Acousto-Magnetic (RFID/AM) hard tags and detachers at the point-of-sale (POS).
Diisscldorf, Germany-based retailer Metro Group uses a loss prevention system that combines overhead RFID hardware, specialized on-board filtering software and new RFID hard tags and labels.
I did a study recently on a company that decided to strip out all hard tags and replace them with soft tags, but left one division with hard tags," he says.