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cover with asphalt or a similar surface

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Our motive is not so much to establish that there is a hard surface," Kumar said in (https://news.
Our motive is not so much to establish that there is a hard surface," Kumar said, "but to push the boundary of knowledge and find concrete evidence that really, there is an event horizon around black holes.
The composition is structured to self-adhere to a hard surface for a time of greater than about 8 hours and to transport a portion of the composition along a hard surface in a 360[degrees] extended area where the composition was not originally deposited.
The Michelin BibLoad Hard Surface is an expansion of the company's product lineup in order to offer a specialized option for end users who work mainly on hard surfaces with compact loaders and telescopic equipment.
This unique structure of Tomakleen G-12 additive provides fast monomer migration and better surface exchange to deliver a cleaning "boost" to products such as hard surface cleaners, heavy duty degreasers, and vehicle care products.
As a result, the aim of this study is to compare the plantar kinetics between a hard surface landing and soft surface landing in a half-squat posture.
US demand for hard surface flooring is forecast to rise 5.
com)-- South Florida Hard Surface Cleaning provides the most advanced equipment and technology in hard surface cleaning, restoration and sanitation.
The research team, led by EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow Dr Andrea Di Falco, has developed an elaborate technique, which frees the meta-atoms from the hard surface ('substrate') they are constructed on.
1 : to cut or carve (as letters or designs) on a hard surface <an engraved pattern>
Patients using blood glucose meters made by Abbott Laboratories should take caution and examine the display screens carefully if the meters have been dropped on a hard surface, the company warned.
Continuing a trend evident within the past decade, hard surface flooring is expected to gain market share from carpets and rugs.
As with the Intermix, various hard surface coating options are now available for improved abrasive and chemical wear applications.
WHY can the council not put a stop to people ripping up their front gardens and putting a hard surface down to park their cars on?
Main Crevoisier had reckoned that it would be easy to turn almost any hard surface into a keyboard, drum head, or other input for a computer-controlled musical instrument.