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cover with asphalt or a similar surface

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The Michelin BibLoad Hard Surface is an expansion of the company's product lineup in order to offer a specialized option for end users who work mainly on hard surfaces with compact loaders and telescopic equipment.
project is construction of the Tinicum-Fort Mifflin trail, which is approximately 3200 feet of multi-use hard surface trail along the southerly side of 2nd Street, which will connect the main trail proposed through Tinicum Township to the Fort Mifflin National Park site.
Applications: Ideal for rinse aids in automatic dishwash and other hard surface kitchen .
As a result, the aim of this study is to compare the plantar kinetics between a hard surface landing and soft surface landing in a half-squat posture.
In the nonresidential market, the office and commercial segment will post the strongest growth, fueled by double-digit annual advances in construction spending and rising interest in hard surface flooring as a low-maintenance alternative to carpeting.
8220;The endorsement of Colonel Al provides our company a leg up above our competition, just like Colonel Al used the most advanced technology to leave earth and orbit the moon, South Florida Hard Surface Cleaning uses the most advanced technology to clean and restore just about any hard surface,” said Pete Natoli owner of South Florida Hard Surface Cleaning and Restoration.
The research team, led by EPSRC Career Acceleration Fellow Dr Andrea Di Falco, has developed an elaborate technique, which frees the meta-atoms from the hard surface ('substrate') they are constructed on.
Patients using blood glucose meters made by Abbott Laboratories should take caution and examine the display screens carefully if the meters have been dropped on a hard surface, the company warned.
Continuing a trend evident within the past decade, hard surface flooring is expected to gain market share from carpets and rugs.
As with the Intermix, various hard surface coating options are now available for improved abrasive and chemical wear applications.
WHY can the council not put a stop to people ripping up their front gardens and putting a hard surface down to park their cars on?
Main Crevoisier had reckoned that it would be easy to turn almost any hard surface into a keyboard, drum head, or other input for a computer-controlled musical instrument.
San Francisco Chronicle--These have been around awhile, to be sure: They appeared in the early 1990s as a response to youths with skateboards and attitude who would launch themselves from a hard surface to a raised ledge wherever they could.
LINES also uses Harlequin Fiesta, with its oakstrip patterned hard surface, for percussive dance--flamenco, tap, and folklorico--but it doesn't work as well for ballet because it's too slippery," says Pam Hagen, a founding member of the company who is now its dance center director.