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a paved strip beside a motorway (for stopping in emergencies)

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Dubai Police's specialist hard shoulder cameras have snared 90 drivers a day on average between their introduction in March and the end of October, officers said on Tuesday.
Drivers are being advised to only pass a gritter when it is safe to do so, avoiding using the hard shoulder and checking for hazards ahead.
Colonel Hamad Mubarak Bin Athath Al Ameri, Head of the Capital's Traffic Department at the Abu Dhabi Police Traffic and Patrols Directorate, stated that overtaking vehicles from the hard shoulder could be life threatening to drivers and road users, adding that these kind of offences are caught through electronic traffic monitoring devices and surveillance by authorities on internal and external roads.
He said: "It can be quite a hairy situation when wagons undertake you on the hard shoulder, speeding past at 50 or 60mph.
The vast majority of people support our gritter drivers by keeping a sensible distance and only passing when it s safe to do so, but a few have been putting themselves and others at risk by using the hard shoulder to undertake gritters.
Major Khaled Mohammed Al Kai, Deputy Director of Awareness and Traffic Campaigns section said the hard shoulder is constructed for emergencies.
It was parked on the hard shoulder, with hazard warning lights flashing, and the RAC was called.
Vehicles are currently allowed to use the hard shoulder at busy times with underground sensors detecting the build-up of congestion.
At first a pilot scheme would see buses use the hard shoulder between Junction 3 of the M8 and the end of the motorway on the outskirts of Edinburgh.
Drivers who overtake others via the hard shoulder represent a danger to everyone else on the road because sometimes they get in the way of ambulances or police cars, Colonel Bin Amer said.
Overtaking on the hard shoulder of the road is dangerous driving behaviour that poses a risk to people's lives," said Brigadier General Hussein Al Harithi, of AbuCeDhabi Police.
During off-peak traffic conditions Traffic officers at the Highways Agency regional control centre in Quinton will open up the hard shoulder to traffic, setting overhead messages and variable mandatory speed limits to indicate when drivers can use the hard shoulder as an extra lane.
Since 2005, an increasing number of UK motorways have been re-classified as Smart Motorways, which use what was previously the hard shoulder as a traffic lane to assist traffic flow during certain times of the day.
The agency revealed in one case a driver stopped on the hard shoulder after realising his car insurance policy was expiring and was ringing around for quotes to renew.
A MOTORIST escaped uninjured when he leapt to safety just moments before a lorry ploughed into his car on the hard shoulder.