hard sell

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forceful and insistent advertising

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The Hard Sell is choreographed by Nicole Vivien Watson, pictured, who also performs alongside dancers Molly Hodkinson and Beth Loughran.
But the festive shopping season seems to be getting longer and longer as stores put their decorations up and start the hard sell almost as soon as the summer holiday period has ended.
At a glitzy New York launch party, J-Lo, 33, did her best to give the product the hard sell.
But criminal justice reform has always been a hard sell for some lawmakers.
By the very act of publishing this book, Nasr has entered that Marketplace; but he engages, for all his gentle sincerity, in such a hard sell that many of his potential customers will be taken aback.
Edgier shows--Urinetown, for example--are a hard sell on the road, and theater fans in smaller cities shouldn't count on seeing it until it's done by the local amateur troupe.
Baden says the Republicans tend to place "rape-and-ruin resource people" in prominent environmental positions, making their proposals a hard sell.
However, the hard sell is often difficult to pass up--so advise your clients to seek expert advice before subscribing to any scheme that offers instant wealth or exemption from paying taxes.
Perpetually in its infancy, PET foam sheet has been a hard sell for packaging producers over nearly a decade.
Bush knows his religious school voucher plan will be a hard sell in Congress.
He admits it may be a hard sell to families, who feel guilty about withholding treatment, and some providers.
This may be a hard sell in regions such as Sub-Saharan Africa, which has little to show for its foray into globalization except broad poverty, social dislocation, Coca-Cola, and an AIDS crisis the wealthier world seems resolved to ignore.
Unregulated global markets are a hard sell these days, and for good reason.