hard roll

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yeast-raised roll with a hard crust


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Clearwater Paper manufactures quality consumer tissue, away-from-home tissue, hard roll tissue, machine glazed tissue, bleached paperboard and pulp at 15 manufacturing locations in the U.
25) features mozzarella ovalini, roasted peppers, Kalamata olives and red onion on a hand-cut francese hard roll.
So one had tried to act the slob (not a particularly difficult role) by sopping up some gravy with a hard roll and surreptitiously slipping it into his napkin and thence into his pocket.
The MOD Dispensing System offers the highest-capacity hard roll towel system on the market with a "power-assist" setting that delivers the longest battery life available today.
A SCOTT[R] Hard Roll Towel that delivers 1,150 feet of towels - the highest capacity towel system on the market today - and a KLEENEX[R] Brand 700-ft.
The FSC- certified products sold by xpedx Harrisburg include a range of Kleenex and Scott brand towel and tissue products, including Kleenex Naturals facial tissue, Kleenex Cottonelle bath tissue, Scott Coreless bathroom tissue, Kleenex Scottfold towels, and Kleenex and Scott brand hard roll towels.
These include the new stainless steel SANITOUCH(R) Hands-Free Towel Dispenser, softer KLEENEX(R) 600' Hard Roll Towel, KLEENEX(R) COTTONELLE(R) Bath Tissue and KLEENEX(R) Facial Tissue.
These include the new softer Kleenex(R) 600' Hard Roll Towel, Kleenex(R) Cottonelle(R) Bath Tissue and Kleenex(R) Facial Tissue.
Hard roll paper towels - Designed for drying hands or cleaning messes, these towels offer a minimum of 80 percent post consumer recycled content.
When winding extensible film on thin-wall cores, winding hard rolls can cause the cores to collapse.
The ultra-modern plant now not only supplies feedstock to the tissue-converting operation in Saudi Arabia, but also exports tissue hard rolls elsewhere in the Gulf and beyond.
I like Chicago hard rolls to sop up some of the juice.