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the extreme right wing

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I'm sorry things feel so hard right now, and I hope you can take pride in your schoolwork and in the skills you use after school.
ENERGY Secretary Chris Huhne has launched a scathing attack on the Tory hard right, bracketing them with the "madcap" American Tea Party movement and warning they will "wreck the nation's economy".
In the the 12th round, Haye connected on a hard right hand, but aside from that, the Englishman almost refused to throw a hard punch.
But we'll be working hard right until the end of our 100 days, and beyond, to create new opportunities here in our region.
We will be going down there looking to hit them hard right from the start and make life as difficult as possible for Nottingham in their own rink.
Ryan Moore was forced to get after Workforce from fully three furlongs out and the colt had to run hard right to the line.
Conservative thinkers Kirk (1918-94) and McClellan (1937-2005) wrote this account of Ohio senator Taft (1889-1953) to help invigorate the hard right during the 1968 presidential campaign, ushering in an era of that led from Richard Nixon to George W.
They're all working the pregnant look extremely hard right now.
We continue to work hard right across the region talking to local people, discussing their concerns and highlighting the failings of this discredited Labour government.
The staff are working hard right through and have had a very good day so they have been able to support the mums.
He delivered a hard right hand which gave Burke a bad cut over his left eye and the referee had to step in.
After I duck and land a hard right to his dome, he pulls out his cell phone and calls the cops.
It was neocons who banged the drum for Wilsonian intervention in the 1990s while the hard right drifted off into a kind of semi-isolationism, attacking Clinton for his interventions in Somalia, Bosnia, and elsewhere.
Morales should have been credited with a knockdown in the 11th when Raheem's glove touched the canvas after he absorbed a hard right hand.
She worked very hard right up until the last minute.