hard put

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facing or experiencing financial trouble or difficulty

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In his view, with the foreseen allocation, the Ombudsman's Office will be hard put to carry out its preventive function.
Dubai: UAE companies need to work on ways to expand the scope of their employee benefits -- failing that they would be hard put to retain, or find, talent.
If he were to tune into Wales' English speaking broadcasting media he would be hard put to realise that he was not listening to news emanating from England and in an accent from the public school end of the spectrum.
The man in the street seems to be even more interested in the loan today then he was yesterday, and post office clerks dealing with the matter throughout the city have been hard put to it to cope with the continuous stream of inquiries and scrip purchases.
And the reader will be hard put to tell the difference in the writing between father and son.
But I'm hard put to find a single solitary plus for Hogmanay, which might once have meant something, but these days is no more than an extended boozeathon.
Burns called free speech a cornerstone of democracy, and argued that a society is hard put to understand itself without the work reporters put themselves at risk to do.
They are aware they would be hard put to pass the test.
Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski stressed in his address at the reception hosted at the opening of the event that artists accomplished more easily what politicians were hard put to do.
This is the reason why, he trusts, interest rates in Macedonia are the highest in the region while companies are hard put to get to fresh money.
Contrary to how it was in the one-party system, in pluralism Albanians are hard put to it to be elected parliament speakers, heads of state or prime ministers.
On the contrary, the EU integration is blocked and Macedonia is losing the friends it was so hard put to make.
I would be hard put to to find pounds 150 in my bank account.
I live near Dayton, Ohio, and I'm hard put to find real conservatives here: the local ones tend to be market-rules-all quasi-conservatives.
Unfortunately in many places it does not read well in the English translation; in fact, at times one is hard put to know what the text means.