hard palate

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the bony part of the roof of the mouth

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This report highlights a case of torus palatinus--a benign bony exostosis arising from the midline of the hard palate.
If we left Dinky's mouth as it was, these too would grow into the hard palate.
Intraoral herpes infection usually affects the attached mucosal surfaces such as the hard palate, gingiva and tongue and is characterised by small round ulcers without an erythematous halo.
Base Narrow Canines - This occurs when the pet's teeth impact the hard palate of the mouth, causing sores or other trauma.
She said the procedure involved inserting three pieces of plastic implants designed to stiffen into the soft palate near where it meets the hard palate in the mouth.
The first, again from Uganda, is a case of toxoplamosis of the hard palate, and the second Pneumocystis jirovecii in the external ear canal.
In addition, there is thinning and necrosis of the hard palate (image B).
Enlarged adenoids may lead to mouth breathing which, over time, can cause changes in the facial structure, such as poor maxillary development which leads to a crossbite, high arched and narrow hard palate and increased facial height, known as 'adenoid facies' (22).
I read with great interest the recent case reported by Carlson (1) on a bulimic patient presenting with necrotizing sialometaplasia (NSM) in the hard palate.
A score of 4 meant only the hard palate can be visualized.
Weinzweig wanted to see if prenatal, or in utero, cleft palate repair could result in a normal functional palate by facilitating development of the necessary structural components--muscle, bone, and the mucous membranes and fibrous connective tissue that cover the hard palate.
Santiago had his hard palate surgery at Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, when he was only three months old.
The chapters cover dynamic movements and relationships of the occipital triad, cranial base patterns, venus sinuses, facial structures, hard palate and the temporomandibular joint, successively.
A unilateral CP will extend anteriorly into the hard palate and may involve the alveolus as well.
Three 18-mm-long woven polyester cords are inserted into the soft palate adjacent to the hard palate during an office procedure under local anesthetic.