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news that deals with serious topics or events

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A typical NBC newscast today leads with five or six traditional hard news items occupying the first half of the show, then turns to magazine-style features for most of the last half--some on serious subjects, some "lite.
They said: "To win this award the Reporter of the Year must have the ability to break stories and win hard news exclusives which set the agenda for the news the following day.
Belo's 2007 regional Murrow Award winners are: Market Total Station Size Region Awards Categories WFAA-TV, Dallas/Fort Worth Large Region 6 3 Spot News Coverage, Feature: Hard News, Videography KHOU-TV, Houston Large Region 6 3 Web Site (Broadcast- Affiliated), Feature Reporting, News Series KING-TV, Seattle/Tacoma Large Region 1 3 Overall Excellence, News Series, Web Site (Broadcast-Affiliated) KTVK, Phoenix Large Region 3 1 Continuing Coverage KMOV-TV, St.
And they will again take their cue from the tabloids, elevating into hard news any kinky titillation that comes out of the trial.
The new bosses want the RFT to concentrate on hard news and little else.
Of course they will, since Puffs Facial Tissue's "Nose for News" event is asking the residents of Atlanta to vote for the local print and broadcast journalists they turn to the most for hard news, sports and weather information, as well as favorite journalists from national media powerhouse CNN.
As the point of no return looms ever closer and the rhetoric falls victim to its own brand of global warming, Arnett's not really getting much in the way of hard news in Baghdad.
During the intervening years, it has won Pulitzers for editorial writing, editorial cartooning, commentary, criticism and photojournalism (by a free-lancer), but none for reporting hard news.
Get in your entries, especially in our expanded categories: hard news entertainment, entertainment features, blogging, magazine writing, national bureaus, and international journalism (remember, translate your work to English for our judges
Louise Redvers has been shortlisted for the Maurice Brady Award for Hard News, Steven Oliver for the Business Prize and John Gibson for the Durham Sporting Plate.
Often, in the hard news stories of the day - in covering the missing children, kidnappings and cold-blooded murders - we overlook the human story of these officers and the bond they have with these special dogs who find those missing and kidnapped children, as well as cold-blooded murderers.
For a man who did some hard news coverage from the blazing rubble of Londonderry in the early days of Ulster's troubles he did a fine job of transforming himself into an urbane chat show host.
Egger says the paper has placed a greater emphasis on hard news and expanded coverage.
Whether we're talking about hard news, entertainment or anything else on the planet, we're ready to show people what our journalists all over the world can do with the tools that this exciting format offers," Anthony said.