hard line

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a firm and uncompromising stance or position

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And all the courtiers and counsellors were amazed when they saw the hard lines round his mouth and the frown on his brow grow smooth, and heard the mild but mocking tones in which he answered the old woman, saying:
Certainly it would be hard lines if, by dawdling as much as possible in coming in and taking their places, entering into long-winded explanations of what was the usual course of the regular master of the form, and others of the stock contrivances of boys for wasting time in school, they could not spin out the lesson so that he should not work them through more than the forty lines.
One of them added that it was hard lines that there wasn't any gentleman `such like as like yourself, squire', to show some sort of appreciation of their efforts in a liquid form.
Today we mean to communicate to the Princetown people where they should look for their missing man, but it is hard lines that we have not actually had the triumph of bringing him back as our own prisoner.
One, a tall, wiry, muscular old man, from the west; sunburnt and swarthy; with a brown white hat on his knees, and a giant umbrella resting between his legs; who sat bolt upright in his chair, frowning steadily at the carpet, and twitching the hard lines about his mouth, as if he had made up his mind 'to fix' the President on what he had to say, and wouldn't bate him a grain.
Schaeuble has said that the new Left-wing Syriza government in Greece needs "a bit of time" but appears to be able to work towards resolving its debt crisis, softening his hard line against the country, adding that "The new Greek government has strong public support.
Global Banking News-August 15, 2014--European Banking Authority takes hard line on regulation of Bitcoin
The Chinese leadership is in transition and even then, the signals they are sending are hard line.
ALTHOUGH the parties with a hard line on the Cyprus problem tried, during the election campaign, to capitalise on their supposedly uncompromising views, the ploy proved a big failure.
Meanwhile, CNN's Lou Dobbs, a high-profile advocate for a hard line on illegal immigration, wrote an editorial excoriating the Senate for having ``no shame in continuing to try to blur the line between legal and illegal immigration.
The commission urges Congress to fill this "policy vacuum" with a clearer and more hard line approach to U.
While most of the contributors are evangelical or conservative, they do not pursue a hard line, and I detected four Lutherans among the contributors: Fretheim (Exodus) and Olson (Numbers) from the ELCA and Heck (Benjamin, Issachar, and Tamar) and Steinmann (cherubim, hardness of heart) from LCMS.
Make sure you blend well so there's no hard line, then add a pale gold shadow and lots of black mascara.
Hard line Christians may be offended at the way they and their iconic evangelists are portrayed.
THE FALL OF communism has been attributed to many factors, from the system's economic failings to the hard line taken by Ronald Reagan.