hard line

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a firm and uncompromising stance or position

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The European Banking Authority (EBA) has taken a hard line on the regulation of the Bitcoin.
Signs of a hard line in Beijing were also apparent in the controversy over China's new e- passports, which depicted large chunks of Indian territory as parts of China.
Ira Mellman, a Los Angeles-based spokesman for the Federation for Immigration Reform that advocates a hard line on illegal immigrants, said he doesn't think politicians' family stories change any minds.
Sharon, a 72-year-old former general and defense minister, has taken a hard line in the past against Palestinian hopes for a separate state.
The government is taking a very hard line, especially on expenses involved in maintaining a plan's qualification (e.
Tate took a similar hard line in an interview with Human Events, the conservative weekly.
Now, however, it appears the Internal Revenue Service is taking a hard line with hedging transactions and will regard all hedging losses as capital in nature, even when the taxpayer is hedging inventory.
Now the executive committee of JOIDES (Joint Oceanographic Institutions Deep Earth Sampling), which oversees ODP, is taking a hard line with the UK.
Hospital administration is taking a hard line in labor negotiations over health care coverage for a nursing staff that has consistently won national awards for nursing excellence in patient care.
Thousand Oaks (23-6) appeared to have a hit in the fourth when Genna Allen hit a hard line drive to center.
Bryan Shirtliff, who was previously vice president of seasonal and hard line merchandise, has been named senior vice president of category management.
Previously, the Tax Court had taken a hard line on what constituted a taxpayer's principal place of business.
While some applauded Cardenas' hard line against new alcohol outlets in his district, others suggested that having a major retailer like Target competing against - and possibly driving out - small liquor stores that attract vagrants and crime could benefit the community.
This arbitrary hard line would also impair the ability of the regulator and market players to adapt to changing markets," Mansell explained.
9% increase in hard line goods that was somewhat offset by a 0.