hard lead

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Synonyms for hard lead

a lead alloy that contains about 5% antimony

unrefined lead that is hard because of the impurities it contains

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With hard lead shot having a Brinell hardness of 11, bismuth measures about 18 while steel shot registers approximately 110.
It is a long hard lead up to this ridge and I managed it without breaking breath, something that I could not have done a year since.
45 caliber hard lead slug with a slight hollow point dimple in its nose.
Getting him from where he was to where he is was a very hard lead for Tigger and for myself.
This engagement helps generate referrals, drives traffic to the senior living community's website and contributes to the integrated system of producing hard leads in the form of brochure requests, tour requests and visits.
Although there are still few hard leads, Iran and Hizbollah are also prime suspects in July's car bombings of the Israeli embassy and a building housing a Jewish organisation in London.
Simply put, running too long or too hard leads to throbbing, wobbly legs and tingling, floppy feet.