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This second chance has been afforded by the School of Hard Knocks - a charity which uses rugby as a way of tackling the issues surrounding unemployment, crime and health.
School of Hard Knocks are still looking for employers for these men so anyone interested in attending the jobs fair can contact liam@schoolofhardknocks.
Hard Knocks is the nation's first indoor Combat Sports facility and most advanced Combat entertainment franchise.
At 813 pages, Fantasies and Hard Knocks is lengthy and takes up three shelf inches in the Rummonds section of a reader's bookshelf.
Fans who have been watching the Rams' progress on their return to California on the Hard Knocks series might have some doubts about backing them, but however dysfunctional they may have looked at times, the 49ers are in a far worse state.
For me as a 15 year old, just out of school and entering the world of hard knocks - literally hard knocks, I entered a sheet metal workshop where the din was deafening - it was the impromptu singing of workmates.
The new content, available for viewing now, features eight popular series, including Wild Spirits, which is currently broadcast on NBC Universal Sports, Wild Spirits H2O, Wild Surf, Better than Four, all produced by Boulder Creek International, along with fighting series such as Hard Knocks and Ultimate Combat Experience.
School of Hard Knocks sounds terribly corny but it was how and where Frias learned all kinds of life lessons.
The reason why the wealthy people without mentors said they didn't have one was that they got their education through reading books, and through the school of hard knocks," Corley says.
Since 2007, the work of social inclusion charity School of Hard Knocks has been documented by Sky Sports, with an annual TV series fronted by the two former British and Irish Lions.
HIBS new boy Dominique Malonga insists he has suffered in the school of hard knocks so he can become a big hit in Scottish football.
SCOTLAND is so short of decent rugby players that interim coach Scott Johnson has considered calling up Milky from Glasgow's School Of Hard Knocks.
Jason Cook's School of Hard Knocks will take a comedy look at how to handle all sorts of situations that life throws you.
Greig got involved with the School of Hard Knocks by chance.