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a worker skilled in building offices or dwellings etc

a lightweight protective helmet (plastic or metal) worn by construction workers

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Millions more people will be reached nationally in October as EMCORs fleet of 7,000+ service vehicles display Pink Hard Hat posters with the Protect Yourself.
Hard Hat Hunter is still currently in the beta phase, but feedback has been positive and users from around the globe are accessing the site.
Developed by MSA in Brazil, the V-Gard GREEN hard hat was introduced to North American customers at the recent 2013 National Safety Council Congress & Expo in Chicago.
The manufacturer, MSA, calls it the GRN hard hat and markets it as part of the V-Gard line.
The H-800 series hard hat introduces an innovative design that offers full-brim protection, a smooth ratchet suspension, and also boasts an optional 3M Uvicator Sensor that changes color when the hard hat is exposed to UV light.
Although there was a barrier between them and a sheer drop onto the road and they were wearing hard hats, they had no harnesses or safety equipment.
Radhats director, Ian Redfern, says: "We wanted to change the image of the hard hat from a bland piece of safetywear to an eye-catching must-have item.
No one is allowed entry to any construction site without wearing a hard hat for the simple reason that a direct hit on the head from a falling object could be fatal.
The Hard Hat Adaptor has been developed for sites where welders need to use both a hard hat on health and safety grounds as well as a welding helmet.
Chelsea Ripley's hard hat design was chosen as the winner in a competition staged by the Construction Curriculum Centre.
The headgear is a cross between a traditional protective hard hat and a baseball cap incorporating a high-visibility finish.
But what this proves, once again, is the absolute necessity of wearing a hard hat, whether you're on a horse for two hours or two minutes.
Up until now, prospective buyers could review floor plans, renderings and models of the 12-story building, that Toll Brothers City Living is constructing, but the Hard Hat tours--held during the final phases of construction--provide the first real contact with these premier homes.
This tiny hermit crab sports a miniature hard hat and poses on a toy tractor--all to compete in the Miss Crustacean Beauty Pageant in Ocean City, New Jersey.