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a worker skilled in building offices or dwellings etc

a lightweight protective helmet (plastic or metal) worn by construction workers

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As comfort is a key factor in the head protection market, the weight of a hard hat is crucial.
A MAN carrying a hard hat launched an unprovoked road-rage attack on a motorist in Coventry.
Availability Both Hard Hat Graphics and Qt/Embedded for HHL are available immediately from MontaVista to subscribers of the Hard Hat Linux 2.
The packing slip is adhered to the inside of the employee's hard hat so it is always readily available in an emergency.
The list includes such California staples as skateboards, video arcade games, Popsicles, McDonald's hamburgers, hard hats, martinis, the Jacuzzi, canned tuna fish and fortune cookies.
Recently, Team Safety Services contacted Radhats to design and produce hard hats for its safety company, with the aim to help promote and advertise the business.
A One category of products on display is a range of the latest hard hats available in the market.
Chelsea, who is interested in graphics, art and design, said: "I was looking for something that represented construction and came up with the hard hat.
Company health and safety coach Martin Keech said: "While we want to ensure our site teams' heads are properly protected, we also recognise that large traditional hard hats are not very practical when we are working in a small area as they are bulky and can be fairly restrictive.
Up until now, prospective buyers could review floor plans, renderings and models of the 12-story building, that Toll Brothers City Living is constructing, but the Hard Hat tours--held during the final phases of construction--provide the first real contact with these premier homes.
Our employees wear hard hats on a daily basis for personal protection, and we re proud of their commitment to wear an EMCOR Pink Hard Hat throughout October to raise awareness for breast cancer and how women and men can help to protect themselves by getting screened.
WITH her pink hard hat and sunny smile truck driver Lisa Doorly is being tipped as a top sign that things are looking up for builders.
You can't wear a hard hat on top of an elephant - it would look ridiculous.
Developed by MSA in Brazil, the V-Gard GREEN hard hat was introduced to North American customers at the recent 2013 National Safety Council Congress & Expo in Chicago.
PROTECTION 3 Ian in hard hat and, inset, the eagle owl