hard drug

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a narcotic that is considered relatively strong and likely to cause addiction

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If you decriminalise soft drugs but not hard drugs, all the profits for the drug barons will be in the hard drugs and those drugs will therefore be pushed to an even greater extent.
Fassi Fihri also pointed out that Morocco is "extremely concerned" about the flow of hard drugs and cocaine which come, mainly, from South America and arrive via air, sub-marine or boats to West Africa before reaching Europe.
At the follow-up interview, all of the older subjects (age 35 to 50 at baseline) reported having used at least one hard drug in their lifetime, and 65% reported having used crack.
Indeed this humane cure with no side-effects or cold turkey has now cured over 20,000 hard drug addicts.
DRUGS barons are flooding the streets with hard drugs cocaine and heroin because they're easier to get into the country, say Garda sources.
They have lobbied to have cigarettes regulated like hard drugs, or even banned outright--thereby demonstrating that they've learned nothing from the War on Drugs, or, for that matter, from the great failed experiment in temperance that began in 1919.
Self-reported hard drug involvement was measured by an 11-item scale requesting students' frequency of use for inhalants, LSD, hallucinogens other than LSD, amphetamines, barbiturates, tranquilizers, "crack" cocaine, powder cocaine, heroin, other narcotics, and anabolic steroids.
amp;uot;True Life: I'm On Crystal Meth&uot; follows Serena Altschul on the trail of D-Methamphetamine (crystal meth), the only hard drug for which America is the source country.
To help alleviate concerns that the Los Angeles Police Department has loosened its drug policy for hiring recruits, the Personnel Department and the LAPD said they've committed to rejecting applicants who have tried methamphetamine, heroin and hard drugs other than cocaine.
Instead of perpetuating the hard drug culture, what we need to do is lift young people out of it.
But European nations have a more enlightened approach to hard drug users.
Regarding prior hard drug use by police recruits, there is nothing more valuable than experience.
Instead of perpetuating the hard drug culture, we need to lift young people out of it.
It is the fastest growing drug in the US and has overtaken heroin ecstasy and cocaine as the most widely used hard drug.