hard drive

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computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it

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The integration of Seagate's hard drives is strategic to ServGate's UTM platforms:
It doesn't pay to pay a technician to clean the hard drive the correct way--the economics aren't there--so we shred those.
Deleted files are still on the hard drive only the file names are changed, so you can't find them through usual methods such as a File/Open dialog or in Windows Explorer.
With its legacy in hard drive invention, Hitachi GST led the industry in celebrating the storage technology's golden anniversary in 2006.
Perpendicular recording allows hard drive manufacturers to put more bits of data on each square inch of disk space-called areal density or data density--because of magnetic geometry.
The Travelstar 7K100 significantly outperforms competitive notebook hard drives as well as some 3.
Exceptional hard drive reliability and longer STB service life by lowering hard disk drive duty cycle and protecting file system integrity;
Compared to flash memory, a 1-inch hard drive delivers a much lower cost per megabyte (up to 10 times the capacity at similar price points) making it a very cost-effective storage alternative.
The ABSplus also can be connected to a compatible system or computer to be used as an external hard drive, providing users an added level of insurance in the event of data loss or theft.
Beware of Bananas - A customer left an old banana on the top of his external hard drive which proceeded to seep its contents into the drive, ruining the circuitry.
But because a high-capacity external hard drive can hold more data than a typical tape, backups to a hard drive can run unattended without requiring the manual insertion of additional tapes or the purchase of a more costly tape autoloader.
Seagate is the only hard drive company to provide consumer electronics manufacturers with a comprehensive partnership--products, technology and services.
The free-fall sensor parks the drive's head on the ramp and turns the hard drive off, protecting it from damage caused in a fall.
05, a new version of its PC hard drive installation utility software.
To meet these needs, hard drive manufacturers have provided, once again, a new breed of device to provide even faster access and reliability for storage systems.