hard drive

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computer hardware that holds and spins a magnetic or optical disk and reads and writes information on it

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Munching hard drives using a machine such as the 75-horsepower RG 5275 P Shortie, made by VecoPlan, High Point, N.
8-inch hard drives are among the quietest on the market today, with just 1.
Perpendicular magnetic recording represents an important opportunity for the hard drive industry to continue to grow capacities at a reasonable pace.
With approximately 30,000 employees worldwide, Hitachi GST offers a comprehensive range of hard drive products for desktop computers, high-performance servers, notebooks and consumer devices.
Only a hard drive with features designed for streaming video can provide consumers with the high-quality video they expect.
By extending the value of the hard drive, Hitachi is able to offer customers increasingly sophisticated solutions to help consumers manage and enjoy their digital content.
Drag-and-drop, mirroring, and disk duplication might provide adequate protection for personal users with minimal data by transferring certain files to the external hard drive, but they typically do not provide the following important business-class backup attributes:
Seagate has successfully deployed the new CE technologies its customers asked for--leveraging the unique design, manufacturing, and customer-focused business processes that have made it the world's number-one hard drive maker.
No matter how catastrophic the situation may seem, it pays to have your hard drive or storage device evaluated by a professional service like Ontrack because chances are good that we'll be successful in recovering critical data regardless of how it was lost in the first place.
05, a new version of its PC hard drive installation utility software.
To meet these needs, hard drive manufacturers have provided, once again, a new breed of device to provide even faster access and reliability for storage systems.
The free-fall sensor parks the drive's head on the ramp and turns the hard drive off, protecting it from damage caused in a fall.
Customers will increasingly store personal content such as photographs, home video and music collections on the hard drive in their cable set-top box -- so they'll have a greater personal interest in the device itself.
A compact, fully self-contained unit incorporating the latest hard drive technology and software innovations, one solution even provides automatic installation upon connection and a patent-pending automatic, launcher that copies the entire host-drive, including partitions and formats, without requiring the user to input any software commands.
The solution provided by Pexagon and Hitachi enables us to offer every single page, picture, ad, everything, from this magazine's 81 years of existence into a hard drive that fits into your shirt pocket.