hard disk

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a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit

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The ''Global and Chinese Hard disk recorder (HDR) Industry, 2016 Market Research Report'' is a professional and in-depth study on the current state of the global Hard disk recorder (HDR) Market with a focus on the Chinese market.
A 3D acceleration sensor automatically perceives when the unit has been dropped and shuts off the power to protect the hard disk.
Damage to one hard disk can be regarded as a damaged horizontal block damaged and it can no longer read and store the data.
Toshiba's hard disk drives can withstand operational shock of up to 200G and non-operating shock of up to 800G, providing PC and consumer electronics manufacturers with a rugged, durable storage solution.
After you're up and running Windows 98 gives you the option of converting all your files--applications and data--to a format that will save space on your hard disk and speed applications.
When I moved to Washington, DC in 1986 to join an HMO development firm, I sold the TI Portable Pro and took the TI Business Pro, with its large hard disk space (40 MB), ample RAM memory (2 MB), and fast processor (80286).
Several hard disk management utilities and recovery programs are available to help users in locating files, scanning data within files, moving files from one place to another on the disk and viewing data without loading the application program that uses the data.
Building on that goal, Hitachi also announced today a capacity-record one-TB CinemaStar[TM] hard disk drive specifically tuned for DVR applications.
Purchase a hard disk that meets your needs; bigger is not necessarily better.
He spent the initial years of his career at one of the world's leading manufacturers of hard disk drives in various management positions both in Asia and the United States rising from engineer to senior director.
Magnetic hard disk drives were designed to provide high performance, uninterrupted data availability for active data.
AFC media is shipping in volume beginning today in IBM's Travelstar notebook hard disk drive products with data densities up to 25.
In the ensuing years, as space demands grew, mostly because of the Windows environment, the hard disk standard in most new computers grew apace and it currently is about 1 gigabyte (Gb).
There will be at least three years before the average cost of handset memory equals to that of micro hard disk.