hard core

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the most dedicated and intensely loyal nucleus of a group or movement

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Anheuser-Busch, which funded the study series, said it believes this research will identify new ways to achieve further progress in the fight against drunk driving by bringing a new focus on making the justice system work more cost-efficiently and effectively in addressing drunk drivers, especially hard core and repeat offenders.
The MIPS32 4Km hard core has been designed to provide optimum performance at an affordable price.
Bringing Havok Hard Core physics to Atmosphere further develops the new and intuitive ways people can interact in 3-D on the Web," said Hugh Reynolds, chief executive officer of Havok.
The IGP Nasir Khan Durrani deemed it fit to make it a fullfledged institution with the mandate together intelligence, launch operation as well as conduct investigation against the hard core criminals.
00 HARD CORE THE rather pessimistically named Hard Core Debt can finally cash in at Catterick.
Hard Core Debt was still only beaten three-quarters of a length by Tanawar, which is no mean effort at that grade.
NEW YORK, June 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Stuart Dean will give architects and design professionals a first look at its new Hard Core product line for floor and wall resurfacing, restoration and protection at the American Institute of Architects (AIA) 2014 National Convention , taking place June 26-28 in Chicago at McCormick Place.
Hard Core Logo, a 1993 novel by Michael Turner, was made into a fictional rockumentary film by Bruce McDonald.
The show is pretty diverse, with a lineup that goes across metal and hard core," Bennett said.
A hard core of middle-aged motorists are still ignoring warnings not to drink and drive, latest figures have revealed.
IT must be very frustrating for United Utilities not to be able to cut off the supply of water to the hard core non-payers whoa re no doubt sufficiently street-wise to know that United Utilities are not allowed to do so (ECHO,Dec 11).
The feminists of her department provide the hard core pro-abortionists who determine Canada's cultural foreign policy.
In Coventry, 82 per cent of men interviewed by makers of alcoholic apple brew Hard Core admitted to using devious strategies to get one over on their mates.
HALIFAX -- The federal government will no longer support a methadone street clinic for hard core drug users in the spring.
By that, she means that for the majority of gangsters who aren't hard core or committing serious crimes, but who are trapped in a dangerous lifestyle, the answer isn't tough law enforcement, it's more opportunities and alternatives.