hard core

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the most dedicated and intensely loyal nucleus of a group or movement

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The CTD during the last fortnight operation conducted in different parts of the province arrested 93 hard core criminals, which included 49 terrorists, 8 kidnappers, 29 extortionists and 7 target killers.
Hard Core Debt was still only beaten three-quarters of a length Tanawar, which is no mean effort at that grade.
Processor architecture and cores provider MIPS Technologies Inc has teamed up with semiconductor foundry Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd to launch the MIPS64 5Kc hard core.
But data engineers who monitored the Net were shocked to discover that the top 10 visited sites were ALL for hard core pornography.
SNP councillors claim a hard core of problem tenants are driving people out from parts of Paisley and Johnstone.
Pol Pot and a hard core of guerrillas still hold out in a jungle enclave, but their influence on the future of the country looks more and more irrelevant.
An example is the car heating/air conditioning baffle shown in an accompanying photo, where the hard core is allowed to break through to form a hinge.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in December 2007, 802 people were killed in crashes that involved a hard core drunk driver or motorcycle rider (operator) with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .
We have the highest number of hard core criminals to appear in court.
We are increasingly aware of a large hard core of individuals who don't think their drinking is problematic.
Programmer, TIEFG A Married Couple Le Vieux Pays ou Rimbaud est mort Lonely Boy La Region centrale Shivers Hard Core Logo Picture of Light Stations High Canadian Pacific
IT must be very frustrating for United Utilities not to be able to cut off the supply of water to the hard core non-payers whoa re no doubt sufficiently street-wise to know that United Utilities are not allowed to do so (ECHO,Dec 11).
I'm not sure about the hard core element - we don't do hard core at The Journal - but count me in on the shed excellence bit.
Features of the 4Kc hard core include 16K instruction and data caches, a TLB memory management unit and a die size of less than 7sq/mm when using TSMC's 0.
Officers were called to Manor Park after public order problems inside the ground and some visiting fans, described by officers as "a hard core looking for trouble" were escorted on to a train at the town's station.