hard coal

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a hard natural coal that burns slowly and gives intense heat

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New World Resources Plc is one of Central Europe's leading hard coal and coke producers.
If you have anything that's coal-fired in your generation park at the moment - be it lignite or hard coal - you will take advantage of the high margins and burn the stuff," a trader with a major German utility said.
Turkey Hard Coal Institution (TTK) had signed a contract with Chinese Sino Steel Industry & Trade Group (SSIT) on November 12, 2010 for clearing the debris, cleaning and repairing the mine as well as finding the bodies of the two workers.
It is now when hard coal prices are at over $200 a tonne that we are re-evaluating the feasibility of extracting it.
India is the third-largest producer of hard coal, but it is also one of the world's largest importers.
LN), a Central European hard coal and coke producer, has completed sale of its subsidiary NWR Energy, (NWR Energy) to Dalkia Ceska Republika a.
26 October 2009 - Finland's consumption of hard coal for heating energy and electricity generation stood at 3.
The type of hard coal with the highest fixedcarbon content is derived from the Greek for coal.
Since the 12th century, galena ores have been excavated and used to extract silver and lead in the area of Olkusz near Krakow, whereas gold and hard coal have been excavated in the west of the country, in Lower Silesia.
Mixtures of hard coal and selected wastes were pyrolyzed in the laboratory model unit HOR2 (Kriz and Buchtele, 2003) built in IRSM AS CR Prague.
The report added that inland deliveries of hard coal were "continuing their slow decline," even though deliveries to the electricity generating industry rose slightly in 2001 and were "expected to show a further marginal increase in 2002, taking an increasing share of hard coal deliveries (70 per cent in 2000, 71 per cent in 2001 and 72 per cent in 2002).
Heating with this appliance involved filling it with hard coal through a hopper at the top and emptying the pan of clinkers and ashes, which was reached through a door at the bottom.
Proven coal reserves total some 984,211 Mt, of which 509,491 are hard coal (anthracite and bituminous) and 474,720 Mt are sub-bituminous and lignite.
Molding sands with sea coal and sea coal substitute exhibited greater high temperature strength than the base sand or the sand with hard coal.