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Demand for hard cider has returned, and the fermented-apple beverage is positioned well for growth.
In a single night they drank 60 bottles of claret, 54 bottles of Madeira, 22 porters, 12 beers, eight bottles of whiskey, seven bowls of spiked punch, and eight hard ciders.
Caption: Above: The Perfect hard cider glass targets a fast-growing segment of the craft brewing trend.
to open a hard cider brewery and tasting room at the former Gardiner Congregational Church on Church Street.
Crafted Pints is asking for money to help make good craft beer and hard cider, not to cook a party dish.
In other words, few industry observers consider hard cider to be a niche anymore.
Hopped Apple features Woodchuck's original small batch hard cider blended with Cascade hops after fermentation.
It's a healthy product, and with the growing interest in hard cider, popular in Great Britain, we're looking at a challenging season," Mr.
For example, a household of six people, including one parent, two children and three servants or slaves drank seventy-five gallons of hard cider per year as well as seventeen and a half gallon of distilled liquor.
Wood, who makes several thousand cases each year of his hard cider, said he would probably supplement his acid apples with some from Vermont.
Organized by four designated 'wine trails' and 'beyond the trails', "From The Vine" includes anecdotal stories, features on artisans who handcraft chocolate and cheese, Old World grape stomping, cherry mead, hard cider, ice wine, and more.
Hard cider is made by the yeast fermentation of apple juice and represents a small but growing portion of the market for alcoholic beverages.
points out Amy Monk, a fifth-generation cider maker, who readily explains how sweet cider, hard cider and vinegar are made.
Bulmer's profits were also held back after it bought the UK drinks distribution business Beer Seller and the American Hard Cider Company last year, but after a 2.