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What we started doing when we realized that we were going to jump into the adventure of making hard cider was we contacted a friend of ours who is an orchardist and he had this old section of heirloom apples," Frederick said.
Saturdays' party featured live music, food carts, hard cider on tap, cider pressing, a cider-making Olympics, face painting, print making and other kids' activities throughout the day, then turned into a 21-or-older ticketed event after 7 p.
North Carolina craft cider lovers will really get a kick out of Archimedes this season," said Andrew Blake at Blake's Hard Cider Co.
In a single night they drank 60 bottles of claret, 54 bottles of Madeira, 22 porters, 12 beers, eight bottles of whiskey, seven bowls of spiked punch, and eight hard ciders.
Caption: Above: The Perfect hard cider glass targets a fast-growing segment of the craft brewing trend.
Using modem apples like Golden Delicious or Red Delicious for hard cider would be like using table grapes for fine wine.
In other words, few industry observers consider hard cider to be a niche anymore.
Hopped Apple features Woodchuck's original small batch hard cider blended with Cascade hops after fermentation.
Their drinks of choice during the Super Bowl will likely be no exception, with consumers curious to try new craft beers, hard ciders, sparkling wine and flavored liquors.
Products include baked goods, pies, grains, honey, jams, maple syrup, fruit, pickles, tomato sauces, wine, as well as Greenmarket Wheat Beer and Hard Cider.
After you've gotten the gist, imbibe recipes for a brown ale, hard cider, blackberry wine, root beer, grape soda and several more delightful drinks.
One of the fastest-growing segments in the alcoholic beverage market is hard cider.
SPAR UK, a division of Amsterdam-based multinational retailer SPAR, said it revamped its line of hard ciders with a new taste and redesigned packaging in an attempt to boost sales in the fast-growing hard cider category.
You take hard cider, and the way it was made in colonial times is they would put it out in big barrels in the winter and it would freeze -- but not fully, so you'd crystallize out ice and you'd make more and more and more concentrated apple-flavoured liquor.
What is sold commercially as hard cider bears little if any resemblance to the cider of the early 1800s," he said.