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CBE Governor Tarek Amer said that inflows of hard cash since the flotation until now reached $80bn, including $35bn from Egyptian clients, $18bn of foreign investments in treasury bills, $20bn of external loans, and $7bn of dollar-denominated bonds offering abroad.
SIALKOT -- Two unidentified armed dacoits on Tuesday deprived two persons of Rs 96,000 hard cash, 2-tola gold ornaments and cell-phones at Adalat Garha in the jurisdiction of Ugoki police.
Many would not want to go completely cashless and some prefer the privacy and physical sensation of cold, hard cash.
However, what does this mean in hard cash terms to residents?
The company manufactures flexible packaging material used for shampoo satchels, gutka and soaps, and a portion of this cash sale could be legitimate as some small units pay directly in hard cash.
That will teach me not to back up my wisdom with hard cash in future, won't it?
The unlimited numbers of facilities are apart from this hard cash for every member of the cabinet.
LONDON (TAP) - A multimillion pound property empire that includes flats and houses in London is being sold off and turned into hard cash by members of Syria's Assad family, it has been reported.
Irish citizens are using electronic transactions more than transactions in hard cash according to the Irish Payment Services Organisation.
Two-thirds of those planning to tie the knot prefer to get cold hard cash over other types of traditional wedding gifts such as toasters or dinner service sets, research has revealed.
I was first inspired by Burpee's, probably the only seed catalog we received in our suburban New York home, with its enticing offer of hard cash for developing the first white marigold.
Today, many consumers are electing to use other payment types, even hard cash, for the purchase of goods and services, the report notes.
Recent federal regulations have made the cards a little more consumer-friendly, but here are some reasons you might want to give cold, hard cash instead:
STAFF at the Royal Mint used hard cash to set a new Guinness World Record yesterday with a coin toss attempt involving hundreds of people.
I put my faith and hard cash on Darren Gribben and the jings Gribbens the Berwick man did the business with the opener away to Queen's Park.