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The two selected Treccani Milano shoes, open-toe pumps & closed-toe pumps, are exquisite made-in-Italy designs that Hard Candy Fitness Toronto chose to match its fun, edgy and glamorous vibe, inspired by Madonna's personal style.
nz quoted Hard Candy Fitness Sydney CEO Selena Short as telling Fairfax.
Members of pounds 100-a-month Hard Candy can do cardiovascular exercises on five types of machines, many with individual viewing screens and iPod docks.
Named after her last album, the Hard Candy Fitness centres are scheduled to open in 10 other locations including Russia, Brazil, Argentina and throughout Europe and Asia.
While Brentano's previous winners (draperies Intersection and Rendezvous, and upholstery De-Vine) have all been marked by innovation, this year's winner Hard Candy is truly a first-of-its-kind for the interior design industry.
Combining a Xylitol element with a sugar-free hard candy component creates a sophisticated product appealing to adult consumers and commanding a premium position and price.
The 20,000-strong crowd went wild as she descended from the ceiling in a chair with her legs (as usual) open, singing Hard Candy.
Hard Candy is a really fun album, it doesn't take itself too seriously, borrows the themes from R&B tracks without actually being a full-on R&B album and the more I listen through it the more I really like it.
Create multi-coloured eyes that are bright, yet soft and feminine with Hard Candy eye candy in gumdrop, pounds 8, or Prestige Duo eyeshadow in icing, pounds 5.
Before your mouth can experience the fizz, you need hard candy.
Hard Candy Nail Polish in Mirage: Sheer, iridescent shine, this is packaged so beautifully with a little plastic ring but you pay for it.
The new food categories include bottled water, carbonated beverages, instant and regular hot cereals, chewing gum, salad dressings, frozen yogurt, hard candy, energy, sport or isotonic drinks, vegetable drinks, chewy and nougat candy, fruit snacks and infant/toddler foods (not including infant formula).
First of all, he used a hard candy because Christ is the Rock of Ages.
Determining that she had a piece of hard candy lodged in her throat, Officer Golden used the Heimlich maneuver three times on his daughter.
GIG: Hard Candy - Counting Crows, Birmingham NEC Arena (Tuesday, 7.