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Hard Candy shipped both a Pink and a Black version of its first signature collection, which is available in a 1.
Today, Hard Candy Shell works with well-known brands, including NBCUniversal, Disney, Samsung and Bloomberg, as well as a number of high-profile startups, including Rent the Runway and Foursquare.
A trademark dispute, which was recently decided at the Trademark Trial and Appeals Board: Hard Candy Cases, LLC v.
nz quoted Hard Candy Fitness Sydney CEO Selena Short as telling Fairfax.
Members of pounds 100-a-month Hard Candy can do cardiovascular exercises on five types of machines, many with individual viewing screens and iPod docks.
Named after her last album, the Hard Candy Fitness centres are scheduled to open in 10 other locations including Russia, Brazil, Argentina and throughout Europe and Asia.
While Brentano's previous winners (draperies Intersection and Rendezvous, and upholstery De-Vine) have all been marked by innovation, this year's winner Hard Candy is truly a first-of-its-kind for the interior design industry.
Subjects were assigned randomly to one of three different methods for stimulating GI function (chewing gum, sucking on hard candy, no GI stimulant) using a computer-generated randomization sequence.
1 : to chew or grind with a crushing noise <He is crunching on hard candy.
A new, multi-purpose cooking and depositing system developed by Baker Perkins for sugar-free hard candy, and candy/crystallized Xylitol composite products brings new possibilities to the market.
The Queen of Pop launched the UK leg of her Hard Candy tour with a typically raunchy set in Miadstone last night.
It's no surprise, then, that Madonna's jumped on Timbaland's bandwagon for her new album, Hard Candy.
Vodafone said its customers can purchase the complete track, which is the first single from Madonna's new Hard Candy album, through an exclusive pre-release on the Vodafone live
Hard Candy Eye Shadow Quartet in Suede, $28, hardcandy.
This spring, the catwalk is awash with femininity - a celebration of girl power,' says Wende Zomnir, creative director of Hard Candy and Urban Decay cosmetics.