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(nautical) a place of refuge (as for a ship)


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Joints and floor cracks: Such openings in the floor serve to collect all types of food debris and can be an exceptional harbourage area for rodents as well as insects.
8226; Make sure that the plant surroundings are cleaned and well drained as stagnant water can become harbourage area for mosquitoes.
Prompt attendance to plumbing repairs, cracks and cockroach harbourages.
In 1912 Port Nelson was chosen, not for its natural harbourage, but for its shorter and easier access.
And so back to chocolate--out of alphabetical order but offering harbourage not infrequently.
A rat needs food, water, safe harbourage and constant temperature to live.
Carefully heating their local environment, therefore, to temperatures of up to 52[degrees]C causes the insects to erupt from their harbourage areas and die from heat stress within hours.
The garden would be a harbourage for rats and mice.
Leanne Martin, senior pollution officer with Conwy County Borough Council, said there was rubbish still there yesterday' It is not only a food source for vermin but also a harbourage for nesting,' she said.
Apart from continuing to enhance the rodent prevention and control work in all districts, the FEHD will also step up public education and publicity targeting different sectors of the community, including co-organising promotional activities with District Councils, to encourage the public's participation in the anti-rodent campaign, as well as to remind them to prevent rodent infestation by eliminating the three survival conditions of rodents, namely food, harbourage and passages, meaning the elimination of the food sources and hiding places of rodents, as well as blockage of their passages.
The key inspection factors include: interviewing the client or concerned responsible person, location of the infestation, extent of infestation, damage where and from what pest, conductive conditions, noting harbourage areas, noting sanitation deficiencies and checking the pest entry.
We throw things away and if it's not done in the best way it becomes harbourage, a stable, warm place where they can give birth to their young.
Improve housing conditions and reduce harbourage for pests (nesting sites).
And surely, if the acidic medium of apple juice is congenial to the bacteria, the fruit itself in its' many forms as a food ingredient may also provide harbourage.
The nooks and crannies of plant machiner provide irresistible food and harbourage for a wide range of pest species.