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(nautical) a place of refuge (as for a ship)


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Clear instructions are given to a client on preventive sanitation measures, on the best ways to store food and dispose of rubbish, as this helps to reduce the harbourage areas and limit food sources for pests inside the premises.
8226; Make sure that the plant surroundings are cleaned and well drained as stagnant water can become harbourage area for mosquitoes.
Prompt attendance to plumbing repairs, cracks and cockroach harbourages.
Draughty and cold, these would have provided poor harbourage for the warmth-loving black rat.
norvegicus sometime in the early 18th century, it enjoyed an exclusive opportunity to exploit the food resources and harbourage of human settlements.
To prevent the harbourage of micro-organisms and reduce the clinical risk of cross infection these alternating mattresses require proper decontamination in an environment designed and fit for purpose to carry out this procedure.
Improve housing conditions and reduce harbourage for pests (nesting sites).
The nooks and crannies of plant machiner provide irresistible food and harbourage for a wide range of pest species.
construct ship harbourages, freight placements and transport infrastructure,
Waste produced by households and commercial outlets like hotels, shopping malls, hospitals and restaurants, which contain wet materials that are also liable to decay are potential food sources and harbourages for insects and rodents," said Yahya.
He added: "Waste produced by households and commercial sources like hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, restaurants, which contain wet and putrescible materials are potential food sources and harbourages for insects and rodents.
Data were analysed using simple percentages and chi-square was used to test for significance in infestation levels in the sampling locations and harbourages.
8%, while other harbourages like iron bed frames and sleeping mats had 23 and 22.
The insecticide is drawn into used disposable syringes and sold at the open market depending on the quantity, the content of the syringe is then dropped on suspected harbourages and corners of the room.
The aerosols have a better reach in the cracks and crevices, the usual harbourages for cockroaches than other spraying techniques.