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(nautical) a place of refuge (as for a ship)


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The test arenas also included several furniture items that served as possible harborage and forage choices for the bed bugs: a small bed, a table and a rug.
A microbial survey of bed bugs identified fungi and bacteria from harborages, abdomens, and the male reproductive organ, but found no microbes on the proboscis (Reinhardt et al.
iii) Insecticidal spray: Propoxur aerosol and synthetic pyrethroid aerosol available as pressurized cans were used for spraying the infested sites as well as potential harborage points once only in selected catering establishments and houses.
We found that a higher than expected number of larvae pupated in the ant harborages in the laboratory when tended by C.
Set up a defensive line along the perimeter by cutting down weeds to prevent rodent harborage and make sure that there is no standing water on soil and in parking/loading.
The test lasted for 28 weeks, at which time the harborages were removed from the cages and the number of males, females, and nymphs were recorded.
Because these areas do not necessarily fall under a routine cleaning and sanitizing regimen, the time between cleaning and the tendency for heavier soil loading create harborages and biofilms that are more difficult to remove or inactivate than those which develop on food contact surfaces.
Weed reduction or removal is necessary to eliminate harborages of plant pests.
The delay in garbage pickup that many areas experienced, or continue to experience, will result in an abundance of food sources, while the expected increase in construction debris from remodeling will serve as excellent temporary harborages for displaced pests.
The comparatively slower moving bed bug is a direct human parasite, which conveniently seeks harborages close to its food source, i.
Move piles of firewood and other debris as far from the home as possible to eliminate potential rodent harborages.
The Roach Magnet contains a natural German-cockroach pheromone attractant that quickly lures roaches from their harborages.
Bed bugs are easy to kill but difficult to reach in their deep harborages.