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Synonyms for harborage

the state of being protected or safeguarded, as from danger or hardship

Synonyms for harborage

(nautical) a place of refuge (as for a ship)


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Before intervention, the neighborhoods were surveyed for Norway rat burrows and environmental factors associated with the provision of food and harborage for rodents.
The Harborage Club will also pay meticulous attention to owners' personal needs providing a rich array of yacht club amenities available to pamper and please.
The Harborage Club will also pay meticulous attention to owners' personal needs with a rich array of yacht club amenities available to pamper and please.
puddles, ruts, hollow stumps), and keep grass cut short and shrubbery well-trimmed to eliminate harborage for mosquitoes and other potentially harmful pests.
One-hundred percent closed surface belting offers a thermoplastic structure that eliminates bacterial harborage, facilitates effective cleaning, and enables achievement of zero-level microorganism counts, all while reducing belt cleaning time by up to seventy-five percent.
For example, cut back ground-covering ivy, which can serve as a hiding spot and harborage area for rodents and other pests.
eIuKeep the sides vertical with no pebbles or encroaching vegetation that can provide harborage for the mosquito larva.
Since 2004 when this study was conducted, the NYC health department has attempted to lessen the potential for unintended pesticide exposures by enacting local laws to prohibit city agency use of particularly hazardous chemicals and by promoting integrated pest management, which is less chemical-based, focusing instead on improving sanitary and structural conditions to deny pests food, water, harborage, and movement (City of New York 2005, 2013).
The test arenas also included several furniture items that served as possible harborage and forage choices for the bed bugs: a small bed, a table and a rug.
Different clones, particularly ECVI and ECVII, might have cocolonized niches or harborage sites within the cantaloupe processing facility, possibly explaining the multiple strains associated with this outbreak.
Harborage 2 3 4 5 -- or conditions conducive to vermin exist.
We have a range of modern professional control application equipment: Gel Guns to professionally apply insect baits to harborage areas; Misting and Fogging machines to apply chemicals in open spaces to help combat flies and mosquitoes; and the work horse of our industry, the Pneumatic Sprayer to spray insecticides to pest activity areas and provide protective barriers around buildings.
The wood excavation technique involved identifying likely triatomine harborage such as a sheltered position near a potential host nesting/resting location.
The three main invitees of pests are food, water and harborage, according to experts.
One disadvantage in mulch may serve as harborage for some pests, mainly snails and slugs, squash bugs and crickets.