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Synonyms for harborage

the state of being protected or safeguarded, as from danger or hardship

Synonyms for harborage

(nautical) a place of refuge (as for a ship)


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These routine inspections should focus on areas where pests are most likely to appear such as receiving docks, storage areas, employee break rooms, sites of recent ingredient spills, etc, and identify any potential entry points, food and water sources, or harborage zones that might encourage pest problems.
The following day, we counted how many bed bugs the monitors had captured, how many remained in the initial cardboard harborage source, in or on furniture items, and how many were scattered about the floor.
First, although owners of properties with ARS were advised to inspect, clean, remove garbage and harborage, and hire a licensed pest professional, the specific remediation actions of property owners were not recorded.
It appeared that the kissing bugs entered the nest to feed, and then retreated to harborage for protection.
The three main invitees of pests are food, water and harborage, according to experts.
One disadvantage in mulch may serve as harborage for some pests, mainly snails and slugs, squash bugs and crickets.
The destructiveness of RPW in Saudi Arabia is abetted by several traditional farming practices, including the use of flooding rather than drip irrigation, which provides good harborage for adult RPW during dry periods, and the removal of leaves during harvesting or pruning of offshoots, which causes incidental injuries to trees (Aldryhim & Khalil 2003).
Summertime anglers found pomps on the beaches and on sandbars adjacent to channels, but as our waters cool, these fish move inside the bays to take harborage and feed.
Its nursing home, The Harborage at Palisades, has "zero deficiencies"--a result that is earned by only 3 percent of nursing homes in the U.
The South Florida home to see the biggest price cut today is a six-bedroom, eight-bathroom single-family house at 8 Harborage Isle in Fort Lauderdale, according to data from Condo Vultures Realty.
The department concluded the dumping created "an imminent threat of disease and other dangers to public health," and violated a number of solid waste rules, including having blowing litter, creating issues related to insect and rodent harborage, creating a public nuisance and having unapproved storage methods.
If she could bring their union to effect, she would be assured of a harborage in their home; as Sophie's kinswoman and the couple's marriage-broker she would be like a mother to them both.
iii) Insecticidal spray: Propoxur aerosol and synthetic pyrethroid aerosol available as pressurized cans were used for spraying the infested sites as well as potential harborage points once only in selected catering establishments and houses.
The newest communities here are Neal Communities' The Harborage on Braden River and the ultra-posh golf resort, The Concession.
Stitch welding leaves voids in the weld, which provide potential harborage for microbes.