harbor porpoise

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the common porpoise of the northern Atlantic and Pacific

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Key words: aggregation, Pacific Harbor Porpoise, Salish Sea, super pod
The harbor porpoise norovirus (HPNV) sequence was confirmed by Sanger sequencing (6,293 nt; GenBank accession no.
Harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) are distributed throughout Alaska waters (Fiscus et al.
Little is also known about the numbers and distribution of harbor porpoise in the bay, although they are seen more frequently than are beluga by the residents of Yakutat.
Four persons participated in the necropsy of a harbor porpoise that was found subsequently to be infected with a Brucella species.
Name Bottlenose Dolphin Harbor Porpoise Family Delphinidae Phocoinedae Class Mammal Mammal Species The bottlenose is the only "Porpoise," often used to Info one of 26 dolphin species mean any small dolphin, is identified as a killer of actually a distinct mammal porpoises and baby with 6 species.
In the eastern North Pacific, harbor porpoise range from California to Alaska, with at least 10 distinct stocks identified within this range (Carretta et al.
We present here the results of a series of aerial surveys designed to estimate the abundance of harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena) in Alaskan waters.
gattii since 2000 was diagnosed in 15 harbor porpoises, 10 Dall's porpoises, 2 adult Pacific white-sided dolphins, and 3 unrecorded species (10 females, 15 males, and 5 unknown sex; 24 adults, 4 juveniles, 1 fetus, and 1 undocumented age; S.
Small group sizes and low surfacing profile also made detection of northern right whale dolphins and harbor porpoise difficult, and northern right whale dolphins were only observed in mixed-species groups.
of Species sightings animals sightings animals Baleen whales Humpback whale 25 40 54 86 Gray whale 1 1 Minke whale 3 3 Unidentified whale 4 8 3 3 Odeontocetes Dall's porpoise 27 72 20 64 Harbor porpoise 4 10 11 20 Pacific white- sided dolphin 4 596 16 149 Northern right- whale dolphin Risso's dolphin 5 57 Killer whale 3 16 2 38 Unidentified delphinid 6 9 8 56 Pinnipeds and otters Harbor seal 2 2 3 3 Elephant seal 6 6 10 10 California sea lion Steller sea lion Northern fur seal 6 6 5 5 Sea otter Unidentified pinniped 4 4 3 3 Total sightings 94 772 141 495 1997 1998 No.
Four of them live there year-round: the California sea lion, the common dolphin, the bottle-nosed dolphin, and the vaquita, which is also known as the Gulf of California harbor porpoise.
ceti infection and associated lesions in a harbor porpoise found on the coast of Belgium in 2008.
Species-specific studies also have been conducted on harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena; Barlow et al.