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a public speaker who delivers a loud or forceful or angry speech

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He's such a pitcher of fits, tormentor of editors, haranguer on Twitter and overall basket case that he also declares about his third wife: "Lisa has told me several times that she is determined to die first to avoid the misery of taking care of me.
Ainsi des Reaux raconte-t-il que lorsqu'un representant du Tiers Etat se mit a genoux pour haranguer Henri IV, il se trouva << sur une pierre pointue, qui luy fit si grand mal qu'il s'escria en disant : << Foutre
The A's might be perceiving Scioscia as a serial haranguer.
Smart explicitly aligns the effects of obscurity in poetry with a haranguer speaking before "the rabble of a political party" and stringing together, plausibly, but not logically, any number of "the accustomed slang words of the party" (217).
Seulement quatre stands etaient dresses cette semaine pour haranguer aux manifestants.