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Synonyms for hara-kiri

ritual suicide


Synonyms for hara-kiri

ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword

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In the fifth poem a reader may be surprised to read that the time of hara-kiri (in Korean, habol) is coming.
One of the protesters, wearing a mask with the face of Leonardo DiCaprio, the lead actor of the film, committed a mock hara-kiri in front of the cinema complex in Bangkok where the movie is being screened.
If it is not an invitation to mass hara-kiri in Smith square, it is at least an invitation tO William Hague to re-mould his Front Bench more extensively than he has yet done.
Whether it is imbroglio or Hara-Kiri is discussed below.
But when Clair reaches recent decades he commits curatorial hara-kiri, totally abandoning the inventive strategies he has spent so much time and space establishing.
The narrative does not disappoint, dwelling on suicide by hara-kiri, which was done for numerous reasons and under philosophies and social codes as different as Buddhism and Confucianism.
UNITED pitifully committed instant hara-kiri within 30 seconds of combat at an unbelieving but grateful Etihad.
You know, none of the permanent UN member states will ever commit such political hara-kiri.
He couls have fought while remaining within the corridors of power instead of going hara-kiri in his attempt to dislodge the government.
We entered the global trade agreements knowing full well that in doing so we were committing manufacturing hara-kiri because we could not compete in a competitive world market: our manufacturing base is lost.
If the decision to withdraw support from the UPA government in 2009 was little short of a political hara-kiri for the CPM, then throwing in its weight behind Mukherjee as the next president of India is the other side of the coin - politics of opportunism and a desperate bid to keep the door ajar for UPA 3, should that happen in the summer of 2014.
In different circumstances, the appropriate solution would be hara-kiri (Japanese ritual suicide).
He has ran for office many times but has not won yet in spite of urging his opponents to commit suicide by hara-kiri - disembowelling themselves.
At least the failed leaders in Scotland gamely committed political hara-kiri.
The recommendation, which contains a long section trying to show that Japan's 1987 and 1988 experience was not damaging, will be read in China simply as a statement that the US wants China to follow Japan in committing what amounts to economic hara-kiri.