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of or relating to or proceeding from the sense of touch

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The two basic functions of a Virtual Environment (VE) development toolkit are managing different display devices (such as head-mounted displays, stereoscopic projection displays and haptic displays) and handling input devices (such as motion trackers, dials and buttons).
With haptics, you might want to build a virtual prototype and include the sense of touch to simulate how the driver would manipulate controls or put things in a glovebox.
Gaming is one of the first applications of haptics that is being realized.
Gerhard Mauter and his haptics team must ensure that every new Audi model "feels" good inside.
In our interactions with the world, haptics adds not only a compelling dimension to the information we receive, but another means for expressiveness in our actions as well (for the dictionary definition of haptic, see the sidebar "Definitions").
This study addresses the question of human processing of vertical, horizontal and oblique orientations in the haptic (tactual-kinesthetic) system.
to include a patent license covering LG's use of simple forms of haptic effects, sometimes referred to as Basic Haptics, in its smartphones and other mobile devices.
It is majorly fuelled by growing demand for tactile haptics technology in wearable electronics/smart watches/fitness trackers, capability of tactile haptics technology to offer personalized user experience, consistent R&D and advanced tactile haptics technologies (such as vibrotactile, shape/texture, and force tactile technologies) are projected to drive the market.
Haptics in advertising is an up-close, personal experience where brands can literally touch the consumer, said Paige Raynes, Director of Content Operations at Immersion.
Founded in 1993, Immersion is the leading innovator in haptics, or tactile effects; the company's touch feedback solutions deliver a more compelling sense of the digital world.
Worldwide Computer Products News-23 April 2010-Renesas and Immersion collaborate on low cost haptic feedback solution(C)1995-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
Chances are you already own a gadget that incorporates some form of haptics, or tactile feedback technology.
The Newcastle firm provided legal advice on funding arrangements and software licensing for Rothbury-based UK Haptics, which has developed a 3D virtual hand to help medical and nursing students with their training.
M2 EQUITYBITES-February 1, 2018-Marquardt to incorporate Immersion's haptics technology in automotive applications