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of or relating to or proceeding from the sense of touch

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Increasingly, haptics is being designed into automotive applications as more and more vehicles incorporate high-quality tactile effects for operations such as entertainment, navigation and climate control.
com)-- Stanbridge University has added advanced Haptic Intravenous (IV) Trainers to its nursing degree and certificate programs.
The data gloves provide haptic feedback and sense knuckle and abduction motion of the human hand.
Improved computer processors, inexpensive sensors, vibrating motors from cellphones and other electronics have created new possibilities for adding tactile feedback, also known as haptics, to prosthetics, and O'Malley's lab has done research in this area for more than a decade.
In the recent past, the haptics industry had been short of prominent success stories.
The Haptic Interaction Surfaces project from Continental has received the Best of Best award at the 2016 Automotive Brand Contest.
The haptics technology uses the sense of touch in devices to provide information to the user.
Some mobile games are already using tactile feedback, and now there are moves to bring haptics to mobile video as well.
So far, however, tests based on haptics have not been specifically reviewed, thus limiting our understanding of how the sense of active touch has been used as the assessment modality for cognitive and perceptual-motor abilities.
With players seated in a chair outfitted with inexpensive vibrating actuators, Surround Haptics will enable them to feel road imperfections and objects falling on the car, sense skidding, braking and acceleration, and experience ripples of sensation when cars collide or jump and land.
The company said that as touchscreens become the industry standard interface for portable and consumer devices, its investments become increasingly relevant to manufacturers, including smartphone and tablet OEMs, looking to enhance their devices through haptics.
The Maglev 200 Magnetic Levitation Haptic Interface, an instrument built by Butterfly Haptics, LLC, and developed in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon Univ.
The wider use of haptics in touch-screen devices is having a dramatic impact in the electronics industry, says Mike Levin, vice president of Immersion Corp.
The Solution: Use two off-the-shelf haptic devices instead of a computer mouse, and a haptics software development kit to touch-enable the procedure.
Uk Haptics is a pioneering North company which specialises in developing medical training products using virtual reality technology.