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of or relating to or proceeding from the sense of touch

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The use of haptic technology in the medical sector by training doctors in various surgical procedures is also driving the growth of the global Haptics market.
3D printing, virtual reality and haptics are three new technologies that are having a profound impact on our personal and professional lives," said Narinder Singh, President of Topcoder.
Founded in 1993, Immersion is the leading innovator in haptics, or tactile effects; the company's touch feedback solutions deliver a more compelling sense of the digital world.
So far, however, tests based on haptics have not been specifically reviewed, thus limiting our understanding of how the sense of active touch has been used as the assessment modality for cognitive and perceptual-motor abilities.
With players seated in a chair outfitted with inexpensive vibrating actuators, Surround Haptics will enable them to feel road imperfections and objects falling on the car, sense skidding, braking and acceleration, and experience ripples of sensation when cars collide or jump and land.
Some of Immersion's most recent patents cover the output of haptic effects based on sensing a user's input on a touchscreen and the association of an event with a haptic effect in a multi-tasking environment.
Now we really can, thanks to advances in haptic technology.
CELS Instep worked with UK Haptics to develop a range of working prototype adaptors for use with the 3D arm and delivered a physical prototype device in just six weeks, enabling the company to embark on distribution negotiations with international partners and prospective clients.
Haptics Research at the MIT Touch Lab, Proceedings of the First Phantom user's Group Workshop, pp.
The goal of our research is to develop effective methods for communicating spatial information to blind and sight-impaired individuals through maps and graphics utilizing haptic and auditory cues.
However neutral data was used for the audio and haptics.
Anyone who thinks a pinch means they aren't dreaming hasn't tried haptics.
But Audi, the company that invented Vorsprung Durch technik, gets very "touchy" about their interiors too with a 16-strong Control Haptics Team briefed to fully explore the art of tactile science.
Expanded agreement now covers Basic Haptics IP in addition to TouchSense product solutions