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The real object in one workspace is haptically and optically copied (cloned) into the other workspace, and vice versa, so the cloned image is also optically and haptically copied into the real object workspace.
In this context, as Barker notes, the film's body "also adopts toward the world a tactile attitude of intimacy and reciprocity that is played out across its nonhuman body: haptically, at the screen's surface, with the caress of shimmering nitrate and the scratch of dust and fiber on celluloid; kinaesthetically, through the contours of on-and off-screen space and of the bodies, both human and mechanical, that inhabit or escape those spaces; and viscerally, with the film's rush through a projector's gate and the 'breathing' of lenses" (3).
These simple interventions are for the most part immediately evident, and Wolff's painterly manipulation of material haptically intensifies, modifies, or counterpoints the character of that material rather than forming a unified composition or motif.
We haptically experience the virtual sensation of touch in Gothic film as we encounter the wet drip or sticky, thickening texture of blood, or the lush softness of velvet.
audibly, or haptically highlighting fellow officers both on and off
By feel, the operator can form a mental image of the springs attached to the moving home position, especially by haptically exploring the invariants of the reaction torque to his or her own input motions.
For instance, in a nonautomated study conducted by Tierney, De Largy, and Bracken (1995) it was shown that adults could derive equivalence relations between visual and haptically perceived stimuli.
We do not know exactly what great Roman buildings such as the Pantheon and the Baths of Caracalla looked like but their claddings of thin marble and metal sheets were presumably manufactured off-site and transported to cover and haptically transform the huge masses of masonry.
Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) technology, worn by every police officer, to reduce or eliminate friendly fire casualties by visually, audibly and/or haptically highlighting fellow police officers both on and off-duty, and
2] used a force feedback device coupled with an AFM tip to haptically sense and manipulate carbon nanotubes, DNA and viruses.
Faced with enormous quantities of volumetric data, modern mineral and oil prospectors use haptic technology to help visually and haptically look for important features in their data (see Figure 2).
The participants task was to reconstruct the configuration haptically (i.
The real-time interactive simulation enables surgeons to visually and haptically navigate a virtualized representation of their patient's unique anatomy.
From an early age, they learn to interact haptically with 2-D materials, including raised dots (braille) and a wide variety of raised-line pictures (for example, symbols, graphs, maps, and drawings) both at home and at school (Kirby & D'Anguilli, 2011).