haptic sensation

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The discreteness of the WE introduced some jaggedness to the haptic sensation.
The incorporation of haptic sensation to robotic systems for surgery and therapy are also looked at.
16 Incorporating Haptic Sensation to Robotic Systems for Surgery/Therapy
Newly designed oligomer UA6 and crosslinker M6 allow us to create UV-curable soft-feel coatings with a range of haptic sensations (Figure 4).
Haptic sensations in film can be achieved by speeding up footage, enlarging grain, throwing images out of focus or moving over them in extreme close-up.
While enabling technologies have evolved to provide high fidelity haptic sensations, utilization ultimately hinges upon ease of implementation.
This patent discloses, among other things, a haptic trackball device capable of, for example, providing haptic sensations to a person using a computer system.