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HARDI has completely redesigned its Certify board files so customers can easily add an FPGA_2x3 to a HAPS motherboard.
HAPS supports all synthesis and debugging tools on the market.
ProtoCompiler understands the HAPS hardware interconnect architecture and detailed trace delay timing information to enable automated multiplexing.
Time-consuming tasks such as ASIC clock conversion are accelerated utilizing the new HAPS clock optimization, allowing even the most complex clocking schemes to be implemented quickly in a clock-limited FPGA architecture.
The CERP program has been testing new foundry products that could reduce HAP emissions up to 50% on certain processes with little capital expenditure.
Now in its third generation, the HAPS prototyping system has an excellent reputation among ASIC designers for a rich feature set and fast time-to-prototyping," says Arnaud Schleich, co-founder and VP of Marketing for PLD Applications.
0, PCI Express and HDMI pre-tested on HAPS systems, designers benefit from having a proven solution for system-level hardware and software prototyping using the same SoC production RTL.
Core and moldmaking--Liquid and gaseous HAPs (methanol in furan warmbox binders or naphthalene depleted solvents in phenolic urethane binders) may not be permitted in washes.
Or, for bigger tasks, the HAPS-A31 system can easily be expanded by adding other boards from the HAPS family.
EPA currently is developing a rule for the major sources of HAPs (facilities with more than 10 tons/yr of any individual HAP or more than 25 tons/yr of total HAPs).
C2 Microsystems used HAPS to prototype its CC1000 Media Processor, a complex SOC targeted at low cost, high performance audio/video applications.
Newest Member in Popular HAPS Family of High-Performance Prototyping Boards Features Xilinx Virtex-5 LX330T Devices With Built-in PCIe and Ethernet Endpoints
There are 187 HAPs listed by the EPA, and a number of them are emitted by various foundry processes.
With the addition of HAPS-31 and HAPS-32 to the HAPS family, customers can use the same high-performance building block technology beginning with a small design and grow the prototype size when needed.
We feel that HAPS can provide an excellent opportunity for our investors to participate in this booming market.