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I loved Duncan to bits and he was a happy-go-lucky lad who was as daft as a brush.
With its feel-good, love-in-the-faceof-adversity story, its chirpy characters and its happy-go-lucky songs, it is all very uplifting.
The collaboration worked so well that they set up Thin Man films together, going on to create an inspired body of work, from Life is Sweet in 1990 through Secrets and Lies to Topsy Turvy in 1999, and more recently Vera Drake in 2004 and Happy-Go-Lucky in 2008.
A Mr Kipling spokesman said: "It's surprising to see that Newcastle folk are the unhappiest in the UK as they are renowned for being happy-go-lucky and enjoying life to the full.
Happy-Go-Lucky is a lifeaffirming delight, guaranteed to cheer you up if you're feeling down.
Mr Marples, a former warehouse manager, was described by his friend Geoffrey Thackray as a happy-go-lucky character who would do anything for his mates.
Speaking in the wake of his death, his 24-year-old sister Kelly said: 'Everyone in the Bargoed area will have known Dean, always a happy-go-lucky man, polite to everyone and full of life.
He was a lovely happy-go-lucky boy - always so polite and he always spoke to you.
It's hard to believe but our favourite happy-go-lucky popsters Supergrass have been around for a decade.
James Mulligan was a happy-go-lucky pensioner who would do anything for his family and friends.
Fancy Free returned to the repertoire, and with Corella (or a happy-go-lucky Joaquin de Luz), Ethan Stiefel, and Jose Manuel Carreno as sailors on the town, it looked more alive than ever.
3SL - Take It Easy Managed by their big sis, ex-Step Lisa Scott-Lee, 3SL pick up where 5ive left off with this summery, happy-go-lucky pop gem.
Urvashi Vaid, director of the Policy Institute of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, says Mulryan's approach is problematic because it paints a picture of gays as an "unburdened, single, happy-go-lucky, charge-everything-on-the-credit-card kind of people.
Happy-go-lucky Billy and cynical Mandy are best friends with the Grim Reaper in this crude supernatural comedy.