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the live birth of a child

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Happy Events is a non-governmental organization that provides support and teaches values to marginalized children.
The Get Happy event was created to give children a variety of joyful experiences to enjoy with new friends, helping build skills they will need throughout their lives.
You need to work with him to make having it put on in the house a happy event.
Eventually, Chas and Gordon celebrate taking over the pub, but the happy event is cut short.
The speaker Azad Jammu and Kashmir Assembly Sardar Ghulam Sadique Khan said that the surprise visit was a pleasant news for the people of South Asia and was also a happy event for people of Jammu and Kashmir who were hoping some good outcome of the composite dialogue process since it was started.
It's a happy event where all the Muslims get together and walk around showing comradery and uniting against terror and violence.
It's a happy event where all the Muslims get together and walk around showing camaraderie and uniting against terror and violence.
A lot of people want to celebrate life at a funeral and make it a happy event.
We'd like to say this happy event would help ease the Beales' pain as they face their first Christmas without Lucy.
When there is such a happy event or happy development, one should fight for it.
The President coming to Manipur is a very happy event.
Traditionally, a large number of people used to gather in a house where marriage ceremony was being held while locals sung folk songs, and shared jokes to mark the happy event, said elderly Baba Ramzan, resident of Chak No-34/WB Vehari.
Cowell, of ''American Idol'' and ''The X Factor'' fame, posted a series of tweets about the happy event.
Everybody deserves a second chance, and we wish the mum-to-be well for her happy event.
This happy event has given much pleasure to the Royal Family and Her Majesty appreciated your thoughtfulness.