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Synonyms for happenstance

an unexpected random event

Synonyms for happenstance

an event that might have been arranged although it was really accidental

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Keywords: Planned Happenstance Career Inventory, happenstance learning theory, career counseling, career decision self-efficacy, vocational identity status
That was the beginning of his fortunate happenstance.
Bolstering him is unlikely but charming Angelika, who has become Peter's girlfriend through happenstance and with a no-nonsense attitude, encourages him to discover his talents off the diamond after suffering a debilitating arm injury.
The happenstance learning theory (Krumboltz, 2009; Krumboltz & Levin, 2010), briefly summarized in this article, provides guidance for employment counselors assisting clients to clarify goals and brainstorm actions to capitalize on chance events.
Other than the happenstance, I do not claim this as an original idea.
Alan Loney rejects the tyranny of sequential reading, traditionally associated with the codex book, and instead aspires to the nonsequential, happenstance qualities of the Web.
From speakeasy shootings to the town's first baseball game, to the "Great Indian Scare" during the Civil War (how Sheboygan became swept into a mass panic over an alleged Indian threat that did not exist), Sheboygan: Tales of the Tragic & Bizarre blends inexplicable happenstance with wry insight, and sheds light into the oddities of American daily life over a century ago.
Luck is no Accident: Making the Most of Happenstance in Your Life and Career" is a guide to prepared for when life throws wrenches at your plans and how to turn a surprise into a full fledged opportunity on one's behalf.
They restored the surfaces the way make-up restores faces, except that close up we're layered with happenstance and very few end up pink and refreshed.
Peter Orandbois's meta-memoir takes its title from the poet Federico Garcia Lorca, who once warned that intelligence is "the enemy of poetry," making the poet forget "that ants could eat him or that a great arsenic lobster could fall suddenly on his head:' Lorca's warning suggests the happenstance of any artist's life, the contingencies that can hobble or inspire the act of creation, or do both at once, as is often the case in Grandbois's narrated experiences.
Shamaqdari insisted the blast resulted from the teenager's sense of adventure and occurred by the Khorasan Rezavi governor general's office as a happenstance because the three were familiar with the neighborhood, the Islamic Students News Agency reported.
Yet this happenstance illustrates vividly the nexus between popular culture, the emergence of a popular public sphere, and the political participation at the core of this study.
By a strange happenstance, Kevin wins a photography contest and the prize is a free trip to Churchill, Manitoba to photograph polar bears, with a professional wildlife photographer as a mentor.
But I am sure that the full branch library funding does not depend on the happenstance of the existence of the rare books, especially when the likely proceeds of auction and dispersal are relatively small in comparison with the developer pot.
And since criminals don't consider borders all that much when committing crimes, it stands to reason that the Valley's good fortune was merely happenstance.