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Synonyms for happen



happen on or upon something

Synonyms for happen

to take place by chance

happen on: to find or meet by chance

Synonyms for happen

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I don't t hink anything is going to happen immediately.
She does not include this behavior in her description of what happens between the rime the other girls whisper and when they make fun of her, evidence of a lack of if/then, causal reasoning.
Practically every new thing that happens is a differentiation of a previous thing, from a new shoe sole to changes in legal codes.
It happens because the owner has been too trustful or is too distracted chasing more business or enjoying success once it happens.
This is something that happens with regularity in the United States, and you are left with an enormous medical bill as a consequence of having kept your child alive.
You go into your office one day and "blam," it happens and your whole world collapses.
Something has to happen here so you understand what you've done.
I simply want to illustrate what happens in other professions as the basis for my comparison to what is currently happening in public relations.
We like to think of Life Happens Pro as an advisor's personal marketing department," said Marvin H.
So that's one of the reasons why you have to educate kids about what happened and what could happen.
Did the disciples have any expectation that resurrection was something that might happen to Jesus shortly after he died?
So, I think office space plays a role, but it is not necessarily the driver of what happens on the space.
Rather than trying to prevent Americans from visiting Cuba, we ought to encourage as many as possible to go see what happens when a communist system absorbs a free-enterprise economy.
His predictions never come close to anything that happens on Planet Earth, and his ideological perspective is from the Mesozoic era.
Influenza happens, measles happen, and colds happen, but HIV results from a very limited number of intentional behaviors.