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Happening Now is presented as cards on top of the user's main Twitter timeline.
That represents a 19pc increase in belt-tightening of which I think we can be justifiably proud, but to return to your main point, we have cut our budget considerably by shifting funds from the disallowing of allowable happenings to the prevention of happenings that were never allowed in the first place.
Schechner's understanding of the Happening was in line with Michael Kirby's influential theorizing in Happenings: An Illustrated Anthology, which appeared the same year.
But, at the end of the day with the layoffs happening, I really wouldn't delay it.
The main thing I'm so worried about is that people will just forget, and it's already happening.
All this happened in the blink of an eye and, in that same blink, I realized it was happening.
To promote sensorimotor experiencing, school counselors may ask the student to "Pretend this (problem situation) is happening right now.
You might not have noticed, but its happening right under your nose.
ALL KINDS OF INCREDIBLE things have been happening in girls/women sports since Title IX reared its pretty head in 1972.
That's a story that you literally could not imagine happening in any other civilized, industrialized, western country save for the United States.
Because there is a "buzzword backlash" happening right now, and business people are starting to realize that most of these "revolutionary" concepts are nothing more than simplistic jargon cooked up by people who want to look and sound really, really smart -- and make lots and lots of money.
I'm always looking back in order to understand what's happening today, and what may happen tomorrow.
In many cases, however, including the center of our own galaxy, these black holes are lying quiescent, waiting for some happening to bring large amounts of matter near them, which would then begin to fall in and so turn on the quasar.
It is the only weekly publication that keeps Wall Street informed of what's happening inside the investment banks and retail brokerages, who has been hired or fired, compensation, what's happening inside the exchanges, and what regulations are going to change the environment in which the readers work.
Looks like there is going to be something very serious happening there before long.