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From a securit y standpoint, from an energy management standpoint, these things are happening right now that are all client/server based and that are really good things.
to the Ch'an Meditation Center for everything that had started happening to me since I began going there.
What is happening right now is that all these cheap single-payer systems are essentially poaching.
not only analyzing what is happening to us everyday, but showing the way we must go for a better life, a healthy economy, better education for our children, physical health and fitness.
Nothing like this has ever happened, nobody even contemplated it happening.
What we saw happening in New York City after September 11 was like this.
Scientists from all over the world agree that global climate change is happening faster than ever; that the overall warming trend brings with it much weather turbulence (not all heat
From our perspective what was really happening was that every broker who had worked with a tenant within the past four years who had not taken space was knocking on theft door and telling them now was the moment of opportunity.
Then there was the gradual realization that this stuff was actually happening,, that nothing you were seeing was a specie effect, and that everything that wasn't collapsing was about to get turned upside down.
Here's a look at what's happening in the war on gun violence, with reports from several fronts.
We don't want crime like you have in America, and we don't want civil war like what is happening in East Europe.
I simply want to illustrate what happens in other professions as the basis for my comparison to what is currently happening in public relations.
This innovative, agent-less technology analyzes information collected from network, storage, systems and application domains to provide IT teams with real-time backup analysis describing what happened, what's happening now and what may happen.
It's alarming that it's happening, but when the dust settles, we try to get to the men who are at a higher risk.
There was a club of people who followed what was happening on a daily basis.