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Synonyms for happen



happen on or upon something

Synonyms for happen

to take place by chance

happen on: to find or meet by chance

Synonyms for happen

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We have thus prevented an increase in the costs of allowing things to happen by preventing them from happening even though we never allowed them in the first place.
happens (that) you're just better off ignoring it," he said.
An avalanche happens when the force of gravity (pull toward Earth's center) is stronger than the forces that cement snow particles together between a slab and a weak layer.
Japan: Are you aware of such a possibility, and if so, what will you do if a situation not unlike the above happens to your troops?
An accident in which there is a proposition like all things that happen is always coincidental with an accident in which there is no proposition.
One, the rational-thinking mode, happens during low emotional arousal states, whereas the second, the experiential-thinking mode, occurs during states of high stress and emotional arousal, such as would occur during an officer-involved shooting.
When things come into the crowded human world, this happens.
She does not include this behavior in her description of what happens between the rime the other girls whisper and when they make fun of her, evidence of a lack of if/then, causal reasoning.
And that's why those people are crazy when they said what would happen to Portland.
It doesn't happen all the time, but it does happen.
Again, I emphasize that I don't know exactly what happened, but I've seen it happen in foundries.
Most of these losses would not happen in less prosperous times when people are focusing on their businesses rather than on making more money," Person says.
If you get testicular cancer, which does happen to young men, then you're in rough shape.
But as communicators, we need to ask ourselves: What would happen if we eliminated every single buzzword from the corporate lexicon?
A Swan Hunter spokesman said: "The work force want it to happen, the task force wants it to happen, Industry Minister Stephen Byers wants it to happen and we want it to happen.