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parasite in invertebrates and lower vertebrates of no known economic importance

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Occurrence of a haplosporidian in native oysters (Ostrea lurida) from Yaquina bay and Alsea bay, Oregon.
They do not suffer from either of the two haplosporidian diseases that afflict Sydney rock oysters, namely winter mortality, Mikrocytos roughleyi (Farley et al.
The parasite was once thought to be a haplosporidian, but current research is investigating the possibility that the parasite belongs to the Bonamia genus instead (Cochennec-Laureau et al.
The haplosporidian PCR assay did not produce any products in the size range expected.
Separate PCR assays designed specifically to amplify 18S ribosomal DNA of haplosporidians and M.
Haplosporidian infections of the Pacific oyster, Crassostrea gigas (Thunberg), in California and Japan.
The prevalence of protozoa including ciliates, but excluding gregarines, haplosporidians, and apicomplexans, did not differ significantly between mytilids and oysters (Fig.
The simplest distributional patterns belonged to the nematodes and haplosporidians.
nelsoni and clearly divergent (<89% identical) from known haplosporidian congeners, including Haplosporidium costale Wood and Andrews (SSO).
1979), an unidentified worm, and the haplosporidian hyperparasite of larval nematodes, previously reported by Lichtenfels et al.