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the condition of being haploid

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The new technique will be added to the company's EmbryVu testing service, making it the first NGS-based PGS platform that can identify key chromosomal abnormalities including haploidy, triploidy, and some forms of tetraploidy and UPiD.
Decapitation and genetic markers as related to haploidy in Solanum tuberosum.
In slightly aged oocytes because of spontaneous reduction of MPF activity, the incidence of haploidy was low.
These plants were ignored during the green stem disorder evaluations because those symptoms were considered caused by factors not related to the cause of green stem disorder, such as late germination and plant emergence, systemic virus or mycoplasma-like organism infection, male-sterility, haploidy, or other causes.
It is thus desirable to approach the different routes leading to male-derived haploidy from an integrative point of view.
However, the ploidy of a number of dinoflagellates remains unknown, and molecular genetic support for haploidy in this group has been lacking.
Due to haploidy of the males, any gene balance in haplo-diploid organisms must exist as an internal balance of genes within chromosomes rather than between genes between homologous chromosomes (Mather 1973).
Since haploidy also offers the advantages of sampling gametes in a random fashion, DH lines represent an ideal genetic population for reliable gene and DNA marker mapping (Zhang et al.
Haploidy, therefore, is apparently an important step, and diploid cells rarely recover completely.
This corroborates theoretical predictions and empirical evidence that at equilibrium, mitochondrial gene flow should be more restricted because of its smaller effective population size resulting from haploidy and maternal transmission (Takahata and Slatkin 1984; Chapman 1989).
He has structured an integrated protocol that uses cytogenetic manipulation, sexual haploidy, molecular diagnostics, and conventional/molecular cytology to generate unique wheat/alien chromosomal translocations targeted for scab resistance and salinity tolerance in bread wheat.
In the latter supposition especially, in those instances where successes have been achieved, it was only because haploidy or a single dominant gene was involved, there was straightforward expression of the trait in question, and there was adequate plating efficiency and plantlet recovery from the "cells" (Negrutiu et al.
Haploidy is favored when there is complete linkage or when mutations are either highly deleterious or partially dominant.
Comparisons of methods of haploid production and performance of wheat lines produced by doubled haploidy and single seed descent p.
Thus, haploidy forces asexual individuals to accept many types of mutations and DNA damage that can be corrected at least partially in a diploid setting.