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Synonyms for haploid

(genetics) an organism or cell having only one complete set of chromosomes

of a cell or organism having a single set of chromosomes

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This event could restore a biparental diploid cell line provided that the detrimental extra PN is excluded and even produce a normal embryo if the haploid cell does not develop further.
During the fertilization period, at least 100 eggs have been used in each of haploid gynogen, diploid gynogen and control groups and the sperm/egg ratio to be performed has been 0.
Induction of haploid plants from isolated pollen of B.
Single microsatellite amplicons were observed for 71 of 75 samples of sperm with a B genotype consistent with these sperm originating from haploid males; the remaining 4 sperm samples with the B genotype for the Gp-9 locus produced 2 microsatellite amplicons.
The X-Man catalogue includes both diploid (cells with two natural copies of each gene) cell lines and haploid (proprietary cells engineered to have only one copy of each gene) cell lines developed using Horizon's proprietary precision and high-throughput (HT-CRISPR) genome-editing technologies.
Haploid cellular models (cells with only one copy of genes) offer a biologically relevant system for in vitro genetic analyses, but can be much easier to generate than normal cell lines as only one copy of a gene instead of the normal two needs to be targeted to generate a complete knock out.
Healthy and diseasefree plants are produced without any season effect and many plants can be produced from a single plant part haploid plants can be produced plant breeding cycle can be shortened and can be used to produce mutations in plants.
The first nuclear division of meiosis (meiosis I) is accompanied with the formation of two haploid cells in a dyad form (Fig1 M& N).
Thus, a hypothetical array of 125,000 distinct spots would ideally consist of one sequence every 24 kb (3 (9) base pairs in the human haploid genome, divided by 125,000) while one of only 30,000 spots would represent ideal spacing of one probe sequence per 100 kb.
Seventeen contributions address biotechnological approaches to production such as cloning, haploid production, vegetative seeds production, use of molecular markers in genetics and breeding, and genetic transformation for improved characteristics.
Leeb, who led the research, used unfertilized mouse eggs to generate embryonic stem cells with a single set of chromosomes, known as haploid stem cells.
Ploidy manipulation: Development of triploid, tetraploid and haploid plants
Before infection can occur, the smuts need to undergo a successful mating to form dikaryotic hyphae (two haploid cells fuse to form a dikaryon).
The C values (measured in picogram) and haploid genome sizes (measured in base pairs, converted from the C value) of the various brachiopods were calculated according to published methods (Dolezel et al.