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But its record on crises--from Biafra through Bangladesh to Bosnia--has been one of chronic haplessness.
Despite the hint of (deliberate) haplessness, he manages to wriggle out of every predicament.
Although, it is true that man may have somewhat contributed to climate change, it is preposterous to assume that man is smart enough to dictate nature to dance to his tune, especially in the light of his complete haplessness in mega events like earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and now even in regular events such as floods.
In a way, the haplessness of Caballero and the plague of offside botches - one allowing Harry Kane to end his goal drought - made this contest a touch freakish and make it perilous to peer too far beyond the result.
can not be ignored yet there is urgency to turn charity be it zakat or donation as a tool to empower the people in general against haplessness and dependence," he said.
Re Jane is breezy and accessible, at its best when portraying Jane's haplessness and frustration.
Kustuk, a hunter dog, was saved at the eleventh hour while it was performing its talent in one of the stages of the race which is known as "Bear Trap" during which bear attacked haplessness dog with its strong claws.
A throwaway line in On the Waterfront (1954) links the year in which the film was released to the haplessness of one major league team at this moment in time.
Punjab Finance Department is interpreting the judgment orders of Superior Courts according to its wish which tantamount not only to deride the haplessness of poor old pensioners but judgment orders also.
The line-up looked lacklustre but came with Tim Wonnacott's charm, Scott Mills' and Judy Murray's haplessness, raunchy Caroline Flack's brilliance and Jake Wood's natural gift for dancing that nobody could have foreseen.
Paddington's mix of curiosity and haplessness has delighted readers of all ages.
There is haplessness, but little of the bristling uptight-ness you often see in the anonymous amateur works unearthed from thrift stores.
It soon became known as the Fail Whale, a symbol of Twitter's early haplessness.
We see writers eager to impart lessons of stability and wisdom that are continually compromised by a sense of brooding haplessness.
Most Japanese voters are against nuclear power but the issue did not materialise in the national polls of December 2012 that swept pro-nuclear Shinzo Abe into the prime minister's office, with his opponents' apparent haplessness neutralising their anti-nuclear stance.