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TEN games, two points - the bare statistics are damning enough, but it was an incident in the 53rd minute of this match that summed up the sheer haplessness of the Jags' season so far.
A similar haplessness defined the career of my last ``favorite.
Not even a junior minister of his cabinet has as yet cared to visit so near a camp as Jalozai where very many tribal IDPs, largely shunned by the officialdom, are still living a life of hopelessness and haplessness.
Less often mentioned is the Chaplinesque quality of the characters Bock creates--hapless but more or less oblivious to their haplessness, overwhelmed and confused by the world, often in distress but nonetheless given to sentiment.
The new ethos did not evolve; Flower's sudden change of tack was much closer to a revolution, hastened by his frustrations at England's apparently habitual ODI haplessness.
In my last column, the rumours about Duncan Fletcher's future and the general air of haplessness about England's performances were the main themes.
It gave West Ham hope, and twice inside 60 seconds Everton were grateful for the haplessness of Hines.
Chelsea's rotten start was summed up perfectly by Andriy Shevchenko's haplessness in front of goal, the Ukrainian spearing a shot horribly wide when the only option was a cut-back to the perfectly-placed Frank Lampard.
Jay Baruchel voices Hiccup, a Viking lad whose haplessness with a sword and shield causes his dad (Gerard Butler) to despair.
81) Girls who got into "sex trouble" during this period were presumed to have been able to provide consent (or to "say no"), but because of their ineptitude or haplessness, failed to manage situations with men properly, and thus ended up in a "jam.
The continuing of the killing despite the shoot-on-sight orders indicates not only the haplessness of the government, but also the singlemindedness of those behind the killings, which have gained in pace ever since the murder of a ruling coalition MPA, Raza Hyder, in one such killing.
And while the Centre Court applauded politely, groaned sympathetically at Lee's mission impossible and fluttered the odd 'Tim2Win' banner - you suspect that they were just grateful that on one side of the net there was British hope rather than haplessness.
Castaway 2000'' drew much of its drama from the production's own haplessness - the island's inhabitants routinely rebelled against Mills and company.
Fostered by the antigovernment, antipolitics rhetoric of Reagan and the haplessness of the Democratic opposition, the minimalist creed makes a virtue out of the limitations of political leadership.
A measure of their doleful haplessness and pathetic predicament can be had from a contemporary\'s report that a family of the IDPs in Nowshera had put up temporarily for shelter in a government school.