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Some operatives will smash them to get the copper coils out and leave a mess, leaving the scrap lads to 'dismantle' them haphazardly discarding the rest.
What we found was that a mole's tunnel may wander haphazardly across the garden, but once it crosses a newly planted row of corn, the tunnel will change direction and go right down the row taking 95% of the seeds.
MANY correspondents quite rightly raise the issues of potholes and road repairs being dealt with slowly and seemingly haphazardly.
This looks like bits of two entirely dissimilar dresses haphazardly sewn together, neither of them good.
Washington, June 27 (ANI): A recent study by Australian biologist Jim Underwood has found that despite the fact that corals cast their eggs and sperm haphazardly into the oceans, certain species of coral show remarkable loyalty to their home range.
Retinal screening is used to spot signs of retinopathy, a condition that occurs when blood vessels in the retina of the eye become blocked, leaky or grow haphazardly.
But when the law is enforced so haphazardly -- depending almost entirely on complaints that can be lodged for valid or invalid reasons -- we don't have the order such an ordinance is supposed to create.
There are plenty of ethics textbooks for pharmacy students; but for pharmacy technicians the information is presented haphazardly in texts on other subjects, and few programs offer a course devoted to ethics.
Poor governance is to blame: "urban areas have grown haphazardly without provisions or plans for infrastructure and services", plus poor air quality and traffic management, water degradation and weak disaster preparedness.
Take a look at the tobacco gantry in many retailers and you will see cigarettes neatly aligned on-shelf and rolling papers haphazardly strewn along the bottom shelf.
feature aseptate, ribbon-like, haphazardly branching hyphae, while Aspergillus spp.
In organisms, the genetic code changes haphazardly, or mutates, at random intervals as a result of chemical reactions or other insults, and the resulting mutations in DNA accumulate over time.
of British Columbia) explains that the Analects is nothing like a philosophical treatise as recognized in the West, but rather a somewhat haphazardly collected and edited record of a process of teaching that Confucius conducted.
Similarly, Baskerville House seems to have had a greenhouse haphazardly plonked on to its roof.
A phenomenal allegro dancer, Ashley Bouder confused Odette with the Firebird, causing her to channel her energy haphazardly.