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a word with a special meaning used for a special occasion


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It is interesting to note that the lexeme "rimembranza" is a hapax legomenon in the Canzoniere, appearing once only, in 67: 6.
2813 of Beowulf, pu cart endelaf usses cynnes, apparently shows that the hapax legomenon endelaf is feminine o-stem.
Indeed, were we to imitate Kolakowski and derive a conclusion from a hapax legomenon (p.
In the second part of Jonah's story, the word kikayon is a famous hapax legomenon which, in its context, refers to a plant, with later tradition hesitating between a type of gourd and ricinus communis (castor oil).
In Man'yoshu 3: 420, the reading of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] as pu in nana hu suge [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] is inferred from later notes, and the whole phrase is a hapax legomenon, but Japanese scholars nevertheless conjecture that this pu is a truncation of pusi 'joint' (NKD s.
At any rate, the central point at issue between Hefting and myself seems to be over my efforts to redeem what he calls a hapax legomenon in Lonergan, namely, the so-called four-point hypothesis proposed in chapter 6 of The Triune God: Systematics.
The problem with F's reading is, that interuocaliter is an hapax legomenon, but, as Augello argued, it more likely is an Apuleian coinage rather than a corruption.
I have translated the hapax legomenon dogode as `followed' in the sense of `thought', thereby employing the most plausible definition of the word as it stands and the sense of the most popular emendation, hogode.
The noun "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" is a hapax legomenon, occurring only in Job 21:24 as the plural-suffixed 3rd masculine "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" The Bible usually uses "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" for "breasts" (23 times) and "[TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]" for "nipple.
127) are clearly attempts to translate the Arabic epithet samad found in Q 112:2, the hapax legomenon of the Qur'an.
DOE records, for example, that the hapax legomenon balc may mean |covering, perhaps specifically canopy; "beam, plank of wood" (cf.
2, 209 beendeten hapax legomenon saptamenzu, bei dem es sich vermutlich u, ein Adjektiv handelt, bis hin zum enklitischen Possessivpronomen -si-.
It is a hapax legomenon appearing only in Malku: sarru I 88 (A.
The sole counterexample to this generalization is the isolate sirmum, documented as a hapax legomenon in line 20 of ARM 2, 118, a letter in which the writer is assuring his lord of the high morale of his troops.
Like the shijiu of poem 152, the jujiu is a hapax legomenon.