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a word with a special meaning used for a special occasion


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I wonder what I will see that I have never seen before, so bent as I was on the identification of the hapax legomenon.
Finally, the adjective [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] ('greeted with fresh applause') is also a hapax legomenon and [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] occurs in epic, and rarely.
For this reason I take hapax legomena into consideration, although I concur with Lass (1994) in the fact that it is not clear whether the existence of a hapax legomenon represents a piece of solid linguistic evidence or simply a question of language survival.
To some, BTW may mean no more than hapax legomenon does.
The statement that the poor have a "right" to generosity is a hapax legomenon that, can be understood in the sense that they have a claim to it; it is something we ought to do because of Christ's teaching, "Social justice" would have to wait till the Risorgimento.
Trei[z]eis figures in OED as a hapax legomenon from the twelfth book of Gavin Douglas's Eneados, where a fighting man adorns with treil[z]eis the curling manes and proud crests of horses:
Homer, prolific in his use of epithets, showed that he is also equally discriminating, for his use of an adjective to describe Odysseus in this instance as a man of great intellectual curiosity, is a hapax legomenon in the Odyssey.
The hapax legomenon antioceuomeno~, at the end of the couplet, means something like 'humped in a different way', (67) guilty of deviant sexual behaviour, perhaps in the manner of a wolf.
My first observation is that Doran is putting all his eggs in the basket of a hapax legomenon.
He wrote a beautiful letter, Ecclesiae lumen, in which he expounds the doctrine of Thomas and performs a "reading" of the "nine words," as an hapax legomenon in the history of the Councils: proposing a master, and proposing that this master be Thomas Aquinas.
In simpler terms, the ratio in (1) measures the probability of encountering a new type not attested before, namely, a hapax legomenon, after that N tokens of a given affix have been sampled (Baayen 1989: 99-100, 2001: 156-157).
Words about words: hapax legomenon, metaphor, metaplasm, vulgat, hyperbole
Y, por consiguiente, en la entrada de cychramus debera aparecer el testimonio de Polemio Silvio acompanando al de Plinio, de manera que, como efecto secundario, este ultimo termino dejara de merecer la consideracion de hapax legomenon.
Although the verb at the end of this line is a hapax legomenon and is sometimes glossed as hogode, Osborn effectively argues that the term dogode is deliberate, and that "to change it is to subvert the poet's meaning" ("Dogode" 175).
In particular, I identify the presence of the word "tremantes", which is hapax legomenon in Borges's work, as a direct reference to Inferno V, 136: "la bocca mi bascio tutto tremante".