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leafless East Indian vine

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The residue of the haoma is burnt (Vedic soma plant itself is burned), as mentioned in the Yasna, and the use of incense is described as a dominant motif in Iranian religion (Flattery & Schwartz 1989).
6) The often bewildering digressions of Schwartz yet link Avestan words with a sense of "burning" or "hard to burn" to many of the same words that associate with haoma and a drink of immortality.
Marc Robert, a federal public defender representing Dan Quaintance, says that in addition to consuming cannabis in a ceremonial haoma beverage, church members use it in salves and anointing oil.
The text itself, in both its shorter and longer forms, contains consecutive prayers directed to the thirty yazatas (literally "[beings] worthy of worship"; here, translated throughout as "divine entities") after whom are named the thirty days of the Zoroastrian month, plus three prayers to other divine entities not connected with day-names, including Haoma.
Perth, Australia, Mar 26, 2012 - (ABN Newswire) - Atlas Iron Limited (ASX:AGO) is pleased to advise that it has entered into a binding Heads of Agreement to acquire the remaining 25 per cent of the iron ore rights on the relevant Daltons Joint Venture tenements it does not already own from Haoma Mining.
Haoma and Harmaline: The botanical identity of the Indo-Iranian sacred hallucinogen "Soma" and its legacy in religion, language, and Middle Eastern folklore.
Anteriormente, se honraba a Mitra con el sacrificio del toro divino que, segun la creencia avestica, debe tener lugar al final de los tiempos por obra de Saoshiant: la grasa de este toro, mezclada con la savia del haoma blanco (arbol de la fuente de la vida), sera un brebaje de inmortalidad para los elegidos, los iniciados en estos misterios.
tandis que, de l'offrande du haoma se gorgeant, elle reste (chez elle), cela ne fait pas d'elle une mere de pretres ni une mere de nombreux fils
The Haoma mine, part of the Mount Monger gold operations, with a resource base of 65,600 ounces gold, is expected to begin ore production in early July 2011.
Indo-European nomads brought specific doctrines, such as the soma or haoma, that were absorbed by and merged with local indigenous traditions of shamanism and animism.
Being part of the Daltons Joint Venture between Giralia and Haoma Mining NL (ASX:HAO) in Pilbara, Western Australia, the Mt Webber project has an Inferred Resource of 40 million tonnes @ 57.
Sheldon ("The Sanskrit Translation of the Avestan Haoma Liturgy") highlights a number of instances where Neriosangh, in spite of his own claim that he has translated the Pahlavi version, appears to diverge from it.
26 (discussed by Hoffmann), (14) where Haoma is said "to hold firmly the *reins (ai[beta]I[delta]aitis) and [chariot?
droumino, older lroumino 'enemy': The meaning given for Avestan duraosa-, the epithet of the haoma, as 'difficult to destroy' merits an asterisk or a question mark.
His error consists of failing to give the god Haoma his rightful portion, the significance of which becomes apparent when one realizes that jaw, tongue, and eye are the organs of speech and vision, defining powers of the priestly class.