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langur of southern Asia

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The present observations were made on dermatological disorder affected Hanuman langurs, troop B-26a in their natural habitat at Kadamkandi, Jodhpur, Rajasthan (altitude about 241 MSL, latitude 27 18' North and longitude 73 08' East), while BBC filming at Jodhpur in February, 2012.
Skin diseases in Hanuman langurs of Jodhpur: Treatment and impact of disease on their social life.
During BBC filming on Hanuman Langur (Semnopithecus entellus) at Jodhpur in February, 2012 observed 7 Hanuman langur (4 adult male, 1 adult female and 2 juvenile male) were suffering from dermatological disorders (Fig.
For thousands upon thousands of years, Hanuman langurs have shared the Indian subcontinent with an ever-expanding human population by adapting to such diverse habitats as towns, cities, temples, ancient ruins, croplands, and many types of wet and dry forests.
In theory, Hanuman langurs are protected by the Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain religions.
Out of 260 observed attacks, encounters and interactions, 34 Hanuman langurs were observed killed by different predators from 16 troops including 3 focal troops.
Hanuman langurs have many predators in the study area.
Locomotor disorder in old Hanuman langurs were observed in and around Jodhpur due to the old age (Fig.