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langur of southern Asia

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Hindus venerate Lord Hanuman for his strength and mental acuity; he is typically portrayed in part monkey, part human form.
Hanuman Guardian is an annual bilateral Army-to-Army exercise co-hosted by the Royal Thai Army and U.
After taking cognisance of media reports in which the girl's father Hanuman claimed that her life could have been saved had she been rushed to a private hospital along with the actress, the commission issued the notice on Tuesday.
Countering the supporters of Kiss in the Street, a poster appeared under the name of the Hanuman Sena (Bharat) district committee, warning that it would carry out a nudity exhibition of those who carried out a kissing protest.
The encounter of Bhima and Hanuman is mentioned in the Vana Parva of the Mahabharata.
Earlier on Friday, a small Hindu temple of Hanuman in Tando Mohammad Khan town was torched, sparking protests by the enraged Hindu community and nationalist parties.
Composer Ravjiani cited his grandmother as his inspiration behind the album and said, "It was my grandmother's wish that I make my own version of Hanuman Chalisa.
and last match centurion - Venkatesh Dunna Rao cracked four fours in his 43 and Hanuman Poonia made 43 with four strikes to the ropes.
Showcasing the diversity of their sound and cementing their unique style, the Mexican pair whip through songs including Hanuman, Buster Voodoo and Triveni.
Opener Hanuman sets the tone with a thunderous intro and frantic guitar, while the duo's heavy metal roots are evident in Logos and Hora Zero.
Philip Lutgendorf begins his work, on Hanuman by introducing his audience to a colorful sampling of the plethora of encounters that even a "casual visitor to India" (p.
55pm BST), police said, and another reportedly hit a market near a temple dedicated to Hindu monkey god Hanuman.
Today, his namesakes, the Hanuman langurs, are having a hard time living up to this image.
When the demon king Ravana kidnaps Ram's wife Sita, Ram's army is blocked from rescuing her by a wide expanse of water--but magical Hanuman can cross the ocean in a single bound.
Male hanuman langurs court females by killing cubs from former liaisons, which cause her to go into heat.