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a two-wheeled horse-drawn covered carriage with the driver's seat above and behind the passengers


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Like dragon-flies the hansoms hover With jewelled eyes to catch the lover;"
If you two will take the first hansom, Watson and I will follow in the second.
Observing that they passed no other hansom cab, but only vans and waggons, and that not one of the thousand men and women she saw was either a gentleman or a lady, Mrs.
The reporter left his new-made friend a short time afterwards, and took a hansom to his office.
I think," said Trefusis, after a moment's reflection, "I will order a hansom.
The sidewindows of the hansom were clogged with a grey-flannel mist.
But he forgave me, and we drove off together in a hansom to dine on board my ship.
Into this hansom you will jump, and you will drive to the Strand end of the Lowther Arcade, handling the address to the cabman upon a slip of paper, with a request that he will not throw it away.
Carfry's--London's a desert at this season, and you've made yourself much too beautiful," Archer said to May, who sat at his side in the hansom so spotlessly splendid in her sky-blue cloak edged with swansdown that it seemed wicked to expose her to the London grime.
It must have been one o'clock before we drove in a hansom as far as Kensington Church, instead of getting down at the gates of our private road to ruin.
They called a hansom, and she told the driver where to go.
He returned the glance with a lightning-like look of diabolical fierceness, and, turning round, stood upon the curbstone and called a hansom.
It's really quite the best thing MacConnell's done," he explained as they got into a hansom.
The hansom had come to take them to their evening party.
If there was no overtaking the Count, however,it should be a comparatively simple matter in the case of the couple on foot, and I wildly hailed the first hansom that crawled into my ken.